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"Amitabh Bachchan has the best comic timing" : Anil Kapoor

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jhakaas : i am waiting for tashan and your tottooos.....
Anil Kapoor : there r no tattoos now sj : r u dng any film with David Dhavan? I think he makes amazing comedy films...wat say!
Anil Kapoor : no films with david dhawan yet

Benaam Badshaa : Anil you were excellent in Benaam Badshaa, Rakhwaala and Apradhi. Any chances of sequel on of these?
Anil Kapoor : no sequels to those films

harilal : How hard was it for you to get the history right and specially the grained black and white shots in the movie? was it very tough?
Anil Kapoor : no, we got it from the archives

cyd : its been long since v have seen a stellar performance from u in a film as an actor ?
Anil Kapoor : very soon u will see me. just wait n watch

sugasweet : hello sir what du u think about actors like Emraan Hashmi and Hritik roshan and Abhishek Bachcan
Anil Kapoor : emraan is good, abhishek is very good n hrithik is fantastic

umer : Anil bhai will you work in pakistani film
Anil Kapoor : no

londoner : Sorry just repeating my question,the foreign film reviews say Gandhi my father,is beautifully shot but its a bit too long,do you thinking editing out a few scenes would have been justifiable?
Anil Kapoor : its a point of view londner, but majority of ppl dont feel that way. i respect them though

ramm lakhan : here u always wanted to become an actor? if nt actor wht wld u b?
Anil Kapoor : if not an actor, only a producer

hassi : who is better actor nana patekar or shahrukh khan??
Anil Kapoor : anil kapoor is a better actor

arnab : Hi Anil any dream roles you would like to do
Anil Kapoor : lots of dream roles

james : hi dont you think aamir would have more suited harilal than akshay khanna
Anil Kapoor : aamir is slightly older for Harilal's role

akhildms : the critics respons has been great but the box office collection does not seem ur take on that
Anil Kapoor : slowly n steadily it will go high, show by show Anil Kapoor : hopefully next weekend will be outstanding

londoner : Anil,on a personal note,I think you should try doing adventure movies,a genre not much explored in Bollywood,you could do a Harrison Ford!
Anil Kapoor : thank u for ur suggestion. i will take it seriously londoner

neha thaker : anil wats ur date of birth?
Anil Kapoor : 24th dec

Hamed : Hello Anil, what do you think of Sanjay dutt being sentenced for 6yrs prison
Anil Kapoor : i feel very sad for sanjay dutt

afghan_boy : Any plans to wrk with Vidhu Vinod Chopra again ?
Anil Kapoor : depends if vidhu has a good role for me

nds : Gandhi my father is fantastic film the only problem is that there is a huge audience who go to hal for entertainment and dhamaal value which these kind of films don't have so ther are aclaimed but don't keep the box office ringing still its very brave of you to produce such a film
Anil Kapoor : thank u so much. but now the audiences r changing n ppl like such quality films

sarahendi : hi i am iranian grl love u very much
Anil Kapoor : love u too

sarahendi : B Positive anil bhaiyya
Anil Kapoor : always

Gautam : Hello sir !!! I am great fan of your acting, I always wondered about the passion that reflect in your each performance, what keeps you so engergetic about your role ???
Anil Kapoor : ur love gautam n good wishes

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