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Arshad Warsi having a ball with Goal

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By: Devansh Patel, IndiaFM
Wednesday, May 02, 2007
Recently Arshad Warsi was filming a scene for Goal with costar Zara in London pub in Southall. And for this 3 minute scene they both had to give more than 7 takes. However the retakes were not called in by director Vivek Agnihotri but was an attempt on Arshad's part to play a perfectionist.

There were no dialogues in this scene. Arshad had to fill up a beer glass which spills and he is not aware of that because he is quite depressed about something. Zara sees Arshad not noticing the beer running down his glass. Soon she comes near Arshad and puts her hand on his shoulder to make him feel better.

While the scene was going fine, Arshad told Vivek that the scene looks half empty. He advised Vivek if Zara can actually hug him to give him moral support. Arshad felt that might make the scene look real and livelier. Vivek immediately cracked up saying, "You guys can hug each other after the shot is over". Arshad on a serious note requested another take with a hug...and it worked. Vivek gave a thumbs up and the shot was finally over.

While Arshad was serious this time around some days back he pulled a fast one on Vivek Agnihotri. Says the actor "On a not-so-serious side, I played a prank on Vivek by hiring two police officers who come to arrest him. He nearly died because there was no escape and he had to believe that the cops were real and had a reason to arrest him. End of the day, it was just a joke but I am happy I planned it for all the crew members who were feeling a bit low after spending couple of months in London away from their actual home in Mumbai".

Arshad has been in news for Goal for all the wrong reasons off lately. However the funny man is enjoying his current stint with the film in London. "This film is one of the very few Indian films to be shot and finished in London which is commendable", he exclaims. What's in store after Goal? "There is Shortcut produced by Anil Kapoor and stars Akshaye Khanna. It's a story of a director and an actor who cannot act. I'm playing the actor in the film (laughs). He doesn't want to be an actor but wants to be a star and somehow he makes it. He wants to choose the shorter way to success."

His humourous acts continue with the sequel to Golmaal. "It's got all four of us again - Ajay Devgan, Tusshar Kapoor, Sharman Joshi and me but with a whole new story. I play a cop in the film who has an Amitabh Bachchan hangover. Can you imagine? Every time he wears his uniform, he thinks he is Mr Bachchan. It's going to be hilarious".

Will he only make us laugh in the coming months? "Not really", he defends. "Krazy For is next which is produced by Rakesh Roshan in which I play an angry man who has anger problem. He looses his cool and is in a mental asylum. How he comes out and faces the world is what the film is all about."

You cannot sum up a conversation with Arshad Warsi without a mention of Circuit. The trilogy of Munnabhai continues in America. Are we going to see a different Circuit without his black kurta? "Not at all! I don't want to see a Superman in any other outfit except his blue and red attire. The moment he switches to a yellow outfit I am not going to like him anymore. That's a set format. In the same way, people identify with my black kurta, gold chain and my accent. So this is to all my fans: Apun aarela hai agle saal, kya!"

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