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Ashley Rebello on his quirky clients from Bollywood... Contd.

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Whenever he needed pyjamas, it was a whole production because he used to wear only Aligarhi pyjamas, which his naani used to get stitched from Aligarh.

So whenever he needed nightwear, I had to know in advance so that I could order them for him from Aligarh! Aligarhi pyjamas are very comfortable pathani style pyjamas! He always wanted his chappals and shoes to be made in a particular way with a particular kind of in-soles in them.

He loved the chicken curry that my mum makes. He loves food and would come for Christmas to eat mum's curry."

Karisma turns designer

"I'd say Karisma is the star who's most particular about her clothes. She would get me magazines from abroad, she'd get me buttons, trimmings, cuttings -- she'd make styles for me. When we did Fiza, it was the first non-glamour film we were doing.

She said, 'Ashley I'll put a bit of base and we'll go for the shoot.' We went on the set and Santosh Sivan, the cameraman said, 'Go and wash your face and come.

You've got make up on!' She said, 'No I haven't.' He said, 'Don't be insecure.

Go and wash your face.' So she did and did the film without any make up.

She has an outstanding complexion. When you watch her work; her dedication is complete.

When Priyanka threw a fit

"Priyanka Chopra was doing the film Karam. I was doing her clothes. Her outfit for a dance sequence required ostrich feathers and we got it from Australia. I told her hairdresser to do her hair in a certain way.

Once the look was decided I'd come to the set early and send her clothes in. One day she sent for me and started firing me saying, 'You've come late, it's very unprofessional.'

I was taken aback because I had come early but didn't go to her room because all the clothes were tried and approved, so I'd just send them in and wait outside. I told her so.

But she refused to be mollified. She went on and on. Pammi, David Dhawan's wife, was there and she too said it wasn't right on my part etc.

I was stunned at the unwarranted attack. When she saw my expression she started laughing and said, 'Today's the first of April stupid. Fooled you. Didn't I?'

Setting SRK's pants on fire

"SRK and I met during Josh and we wanted to create something different with jeans.

Mansoor's sister Nuzat and I were doing the film together. We just couldn't figure how to make the jeans different, because everyone was wearing jeans anyway.

What could we do to make them different? SRK offered 'I have these old pairs of jeans, if you want you can use them.' We said okay and wondered what to do with them.

We were smoking. A lighter touched the lower portion of the jeans and burnt them. We thought, 'Oh god now what should we do?' But the frayed bottom gave the pair a new look so we burnt the entire lower portion.

The other pair we cut and sprayed all over and SRK said, 'Wow what did you do?' He also wore this earring on the side of his ear and it became such a rage that they were sold all over the place.

After the film, everyone was wearing frayed jeans and earrings! SRK is absolutely hassle free. He'd quietly wear whatever we gave him."


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