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Ashley Rebello on his quirky clients from Bollywood

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Monday, May 28, 2007
Ashley Rebello on his quirky clients from Bollywood

Mallika's dare bare

"She's the most fun person to work with - fun and mad. I remember we were once at a filmmaker's office discussing the clothes she required. The garment in question was a two-piece bikini.

The director looked aghast at the photos and said 'Isn't it too small?' She replied, 'No bikinis are like this only'. Afterwards when I made it, she looked at it and said, 'I don't think I can wear it, it's too small!'

She rang me up once and said, 'I am dethroned. I am dethroned!' I said, 'What what?'

She said, 'I've just seen Dhoom 2 and Bipasha has worn the smallest of bikinis and Aishwarya has worn the tiniest of skirts!'

When she went for the Cannes film festival I gave her this choli blouse and a brocade skirt with work on it and a really big slit right up till her bottom. Along with this I gave her a churidar with some pretty work on it. When I opened the papers and saw her I fainted with shock because she hadn't worn the churidar only the skirt and blouse! But then that's Mallika - totally mad but great fun to be with. She gets along with anybody and everybody and can keep you entertained all the time."

Sonali is a designer's dream

"I did Sonali Bendre's clothes. She is one of my best clients.

If I gave her the best of clothes or rubbish she'd wear it without a murmur so I always felt like doing my best for her.

She carried off clothes like nobody else did. She looked so graceful in whatever she wore."

Aamir's Aligarhi pyjamas and blue jeans

"Aamir is the quirkiest person where clothes are concerned. I did a spate of films with him during the Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander days.

Once he required a white shirt and blue jeans. How difficult can that be? I got the white shirt, he said, 'No get me a size 6 white shirt.' I got them, he tried them all and found something he didn't like in each one and rejected them all. Then I got him another lot of white shirts and finally (thank God) he settled on one.

Then I got him the blue jeans and he said, 'This pair - make this a quarter inch tighter.' Quarter inch?! I thought, Oh my God, I'll have to open the whole top portion, refix the buttons.

I'll have to re-do it and all for a quarter inch. I went home wondering what to do? I put water on the jeans and dried it in the sun. Jeans tighten like that. I took a rickshaw and took it to him.

He said, 'Haan this is just fine. See!' Then he asked, 'But where are the stitches?' I said 'If you can see where the stitches are then I haven't done a good job. I've done it so nicely that you can't even make out I've done it'. That's Aamir Khan!


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