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Adnan is a great singer, says Bappi

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The music composer who created waves in the music industry with his songs like 'I'm a Disco Dancer' , 'Ke pag Ghunghroo Baandh", 'Pyar Bina Chain Kahan Re' and many more, is teaming up once again with his all time favourite director B Shubash. The film, Jhoom- Dance with Me Again, as expected is a music-based film.

Tell us about the music of the film.
Jhoom will definitely be a big hit, because the trend that Subhashji and I had set since Disco-Dancer has been followed till now in songs like 'It's the time to Disco'. I think Jhoom is melodious and not just screaming and shouting and loud music. It is rhythmic and has my style like in 'Yaar Bina Chain Kahan Re', 'Yaad Aa Raha Hai Tera Pyaar', 'Jhoom Jhoom Jhoom Baba'. The songs are hip-pop style, rhythmic and foot-tapping. I always like melody and every song of this film is melodious.

Will you sing in this film?
Yes, I have sung the title song of the film. Then singers like Shaan and my daughter Reema have also sung for the film.

What do you think about Adnan who is singing for you in this film?
Adnan is a very talented singer and he has sang two songs for Jhoom. The song with Adnan will be a superhit as he has got a very good and powerful voice in this industry. I'm very happy. It is a very special film for me because B Shubhasji and the Bappi Lahiri combination has always been a super hit for twenty-five years since Disco- Dancer. But the good news here is that his daughter Shweta is the director and his son Aashiwarya is the producer. Malvieka, another daughter is the writer and it is a very young film..

Bappi, you have your own style and Adnan has his own. So will it be a fusion of both the styles?
I'm also a singer and I have also sang for other music directors. Adnan has a good style which I always like. The song which he has sung, 'Oh Jaana Oh Jaana, Yeh Dil Ka Afsana' is basically a romantic group song. It is based on a situation where a group called 'Jhoom' which wants to become a musical hit crosses stages in their journey towards fame.

Was the music for the song composed keeping in mind the singer Adnan?
No, the music is always composed beforehand. First a rough track was recorded at my home in my voice.Then after listening to it, we decided on who the singer would be and Adnan was the best choice.

What are the qualities in Adnan?
Adnan's voice quality is very good. He has got an attraction in his voice. When he sings people like it. It soothes the ear. He understands a song and sings it with all his heart.

Tell us about the bonding between Adnan and you?
I'm working since 32 years. For Taxi Number 9211 I sang for Vishal- Shekhar, I sang for AR Rehman in Guru , so there is no problem as such if a music director, who is also a singer, sings for another music director. I'm a music director first and then a singer.

Did you ever feel that he is a music director himself too?
No, there was no such feeling, I told you. He was the most suited voice for our song so we called him and I think he justified it.

What do you feel about all new directors and producers who are also the children of B Subhash?
Fantastic. They are very talented. Shweta as a director and Malvieka as a writer are very good. The producer is his son and mine too. I can see their talent and believe that they will be very successful as they have the zeal to do something new. May God bless them!

Is there any difference working with a female director?
No, there is no difference. She is our daughter and we share a very homely relation. There is no formality between us.

Is Jhoom on the lines of 'Dance- Dance'?
Jhoom is also music-based. But Jhoom's' concept is a little different. It is today's story.

There are new stars in the movie. So do you feel it will help the movie?
See when Govinda came in Iljam he was a newcomer but he became a hit. Mithun was new in Suraksha but became a super-star. New stars are new today and will become old tomorrow. I always encourage new-comer singers. In Disco Dancer I gave a chance to Vijay Benedict and Parvati Khan. In Tarzan it was Alisha Chenoy as a newcomer and Salma Agha in Kasam Paida Karne Wale Ki. We have cast new comers earlier too. Which ever talent we brought forward, like Usha Uthup, has now become pop stars. So we are hopeful that this time too the new comers will do well.

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