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Sex and the City for Bipasha Basu

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By: Bipasha Basu, IndiaFM
Friday, January 19, 2007
Bipasha Basu lists down her favorites...

Colour : Pink

Food : Biryani (although I don't eat rice any more.)

Place : Paris

I have visited Paris only once. I wasn't romantically attached at the time. But the love I received in Paris is something I will never forget. It's a place every woman should visit, while she's young.

Men love women in Paris and they are not afraid to show it. They flirt shamelessly, but it is always gracious and polite. Men sang songs for me, gave me roses, and made me feel beautiful. I like to live with the memory of Paris as it was for me then, even if I never visit it again.

Books : I love medical thrillers. I have read everything by Robin Cook, probably twice. It's a guilty pleasure that I can't resist. I also like John Grisham, and I've read his entire bibliography too.

I am not ashamed to say that I like chick-lit. I read Bridget Jones's Diary and I was hooked.

TV : My favourite TV show is Sex and the City. I think every young woman in every large city empathises with one or the other characters in it. I personally identify completely with Sarah Jessica Parker's character.

Films : The strange thing about films is that I can't watch a film more than once. But I have watched a lot of films and it's difficult for me to choose a favourite

My all time favourite movie is The Godfather. I also loved every one of the Indiana Jones films.

Among Hindi films, my favourite has always been the comedy classic, "Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron".

Actor : Two words: Brad Pitt. Of course he looks great, no doubts about that. But his acting talent is beyond doubt, and he chooses his roles well.

I also like Aamir Khan. Apart from his acting talent, I like a guy who marches to his own beat.

Actress : Katherine Hepburn. Hey, she is the only person to win four awards for acting. But I think she lived her life independently, on her own terms and that's a great thing for a woman from her time.

Music : I like a lot of music. But of late, I'm beginning to enjoy Sufi-based rock. I like the band 'Strings' and am beginning to take a great liking to this guy, Atif Aslam.

Designer: I like a number of designers. Each have their own capabilities. My preferences depend on the mood and the way I want to look, of course.

I like Matthew Williamson. He's very trendy. Cavalli is wild. And in characteristic Italian style, makes you look like a woman. Chanel has always been my favourite for a classic look.

In India, I like Shahab Durazi, Rocky S and Sabyasachi Mukherjee, not necessarily in that order.

Sports: I played Basketball in school. But my new interest is Soccer. Of course, thanks to John, I've been forced to watch Moto-GP, but I admit, it's begun to grow on me.

Sportsperson : Hands down, it's David Beckham. He's stylish, good-looking, and a great soccer player.

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