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    Bipasha says "I'm passionate but not desperate"... Contd.

    By Super Admin

    Is it true that you experienced racism in London during Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal shoot?
    Well let me first say that I never experienced racism before this one time when we were shooting at a signal in Southall. Arshad (Warsi) and me were standing when two boys started rapping a really disgusting racist song. They went away in a jiffy but we heard the song. After the incident I understood that racism is indeed prevalent. It'll be foolish to deny it. If you speak to Asians living abroad they'll all say that they get different treatment. Racism is a subplot in Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal . It needs to be discussed since it is relevant.

    Is it true that you had a massive showdown with Arshad Warsi on the sets of Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal?
    The whole thing has been blown out of proportion. It's just that Arshad reported five hours late for shooting and we couldn't reach him. He had a genuine problem since his driver hadn't come. I had just flown in from Durban but I was ready at seven in the morning. I waited for five hours. My issue was with the unit that if Arshad is running late then as a co actor I should have been informed. God knows why this has been made into such a big deal.

    But John and Arshad didn't get along?
    See every actor has his own point of view of doing a scene. John and Arshad had many discussions while shooting. I think it's great since it helped in clearing a lot of loopholes in the script. There was never any viciousness between them. Ditto for Arshad and me. At the end of the day I want to work with good actors and Arshad is a fantastic actor. On top of it, I'm very fond of his wife Maria and son Zeke. There is no war between us.

    Speaking of Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal, are you a sporty person?
    Yes I'm quite athletic and sporty. But I don't play football; I just watch it on television. I used to play basketball in school. These days I'm learning boxing without the kicking. I can't kick too much since I have weak knees. Other than that I do a lot of gymming and spinning.

    So are you acting in Ben Kingsley's film?
    Well it's not yet on the dotted line but we've spoken about it. By word of mouth, it's on. The scripting will take two more months. Nothing will happen before September next year on the shooting front.

    So you will be playing Aishwarya Rai's daughter in the film?
    Yeah since she is Mumtaz Mahal and I'm playing Jahan Ara. But we don't share any reel time space since my role begins after she dies in the film.

    In the last couple of months a lot of stuff was reported about your personal life. Things seem to have settled now?
    I'm not really thinking about it deeply since it might start all over again. My break ups, hook ups and patch ups all depend on media's mood. This has been going on for the last two years. Really I don't care about it anymore. As long as they link me with handsome men, I'm ok. I pity John though. The poor thing is linked with all kind of girls. It's as if he has no taste and preference in women.

    Recently you made a statement with some pretty smart choice of words. You said, "I'm single till I get married." Care to elaborate on it?
    Yeah it's pretty smart of me, isn't it? I was so fed up of answering the same question again and again so I said it. See, I believe in the institution of marriage. As a person I give maximum priority and value to relationships. I'm very clear that the relationship I value the most will get to marriage and I'll talk about it only when that happens.

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