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Bipasha Basu's personal note

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By: Bipasha Basu, IndiaFM
Monday, July 23, 2007
I had an interesting few days in Lisbon. Made some new friends. Had my bags go missing, endured some technical glitches on stage. But that's life. At least I got to share a stage with two Oscar winning actors: Hillary Swank and Sir Ben Kingsley.

Hillary was the sweetest. When the luggage snafu happened, she offered me an outfit for the evening. We struck up quite a friendship. Ben Kingsley was very complimentary. Though being compared to Sophia Loren is a little humbling. Sir Paul McCartney had said the same six years ago.

I was overjoyed when the Taj Mahal was included in the Seven Wonders. Although I was very confident that it would make the list, opening that envelope was an immense thrill.

It's natural to expect that most people around the world don't know much about Hindi movies. And I found out how wrong I was. I met Christiano Ronaldo, who had a Hindi song for his cellphone ring-tone. He introduced me to his mother, who is another fan of Hindi movies. You learn something new every day.

As always, I came home to another nasty surprise from the media. It's nice to know that the media circus is still playing. After receiving so much praise and international recognition, from extremely talented people, a silly rumour should be the least of my problems.
Some have even suggested that I planted the story myself as a publicity stunt. Now that doesn't sound logical at all. I got more attention from the international media for this event than I could ever hope for. And for all the right reasons. Why would I want to curdle that with something like this?

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