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"I like my long hair" : Bobby Deol

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By: Subhash K. Jha, IndiaFM
Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Post Apne and Jhoom Baraabar Jhoom which is the most exciting project on your anvil?
Well, I am doing a film with Kabeer Kaushik who made Saher with Arshad Warsi. It will be a very realistic issue-based film, a first for me. Kabeer is a very talented director. I play a character from Bihar who migrates to Mumbai. I can't reveal any more.

So you're gravitating towards a more realistic cinema?
You know, Kabeer had come to me with Saher. I didn't know what he was capable of. I get very panicky with new directors. Now of course I'm far more confident. But at that time Saher looked too similar to that Ajay Devgan film Ganga Jal.

You suddenly seem to be back in a big way
Before Jhoom Baraabar Jhoom, I never had girls coming up to me to say I'm looking so hot. It's a new feeling. I'm very excited about Nanhe. I was waiting for a couple of my films to be released. We were right to wait for Nanhe to release at the proper time. It inspired Samir Karnik and me to do another film together with the boy (Dwij Yadav). It has the same actors, but playing different characters. In Roshan I'm not playing Bobby Deol as I'm in Nanhe. Incidentally that kid is extraordinary.

You never had so many releases in one year!
Yes, three releases one after another and many more to come. I never planned it that way. But when things start going wrong you either go the right way or pack up. I was working throughout the year. Somehow they started releasing one after another. I feel happy that people liked my work in Jhoom Barabar Jhoom

Your dancing was quite something in Jhoom….
That was Vaibhavi's doing. We Deols are so proud of her. When my brother was making London Vaibhavi was the dance director. And then there was another film with me where Aishwarya played the lead. Both the films got shelved. I'm telling you, Vaibhavi is the new Saroj Khan. Like Saroj, she doesn't only give the actors the steps but she also makes the actor feel those steps. Lately I didn't get to do much dancing.

But a lot of people don't like your excessively long hair.
I had it in some films. But I couldn"t get rid of it because of continuity. At the end of the day there will always be people who like or dislike something you do. I'm trying for a different look in every film. I like my long hair. But sometimes when the heat gets to me I want to shave my head off.

Suddenly you're seen everywhere
I guess for me work is very inspiring, and I need to work in an inspired atmosphere. Sometimes when I have to work in a non-productive atmosphere I get really stressed. That's where I start going wrong. And it couldn't go any more right for me than it did in Apne. We worked like a family. And the film looked like a family film. We let Anil Sharma direct the way he wanted to. His style of working is very different from other directors. I'm close enough to him to fight over the sets. Otherwise I just obey the director.

Was Apne an emotional experience for the Deol family?
When you've your father standing in front of you, no words can express your thoughts. I'm so glad we did Apne. I've never felt more relaxed in my life. This is the most wonderful period of my life.

Did you enjoy doing your last release Naqaab?
Yes I did. I had enjoyed working with Akshoo in Humraaz. I enjoyed it again in Naqaab. He is what he is. No naqabs there.

Why do you call him Akshoo?
I've to differentiate between the two Akshays. Khanna is Akshoo and Akshay Kumar is Akshay Bhaiyya. I don't meet them every day. We meet only on the sets. We don't spend after -hours socializing. My free time is spent only with family and close friends who are mostly from outside the industry.

What family plans do the Deols have now?
We're trying to get more sorted out as producers. So yes, more home productions. We've burnt our fingers repeatedly as producers. Now we're trying to get more organized.

A sequel to Apne?
I don't think a sequel can happen. I don't think we can get a script like Apne again. Now my Dad, brother and I want to do a comedy together. But we need a great script. We've promised to make the audience laugh after making them cry in Apne. I knew Apne would work. A friend in Dubai called to say he hated me for making him cry.

So is Apne your favourite film?
Apne and Dillagi, in which my brother directed me and himself. The only reason I didn't enjoy my debut film Barsaat is because Mr. Raj Kumar Santoshi took forever to complete it. I think he should just work with my brother again.

What next?
Well after Nanhe I've another release coming up. It's Sangeeth Sivan's Ek. My co-star is Shreya Saran who I think is really good. She's such a good dancer. I'll be doing another film with her. Ek is remake of a Telugu actioner featuring Mahesh Babu. I haven't done an action film for a long time , and that too an action film with stylized stunts .

How does life look to you?
Really hectic. Even Roshan is almost ready. It may release this year. So I might have seven releases in 2007. I'm looking forward to the future. I don't have to hit bull's eye each time. But at least I should be happy doing what I'm doing.

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