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Bhoomika aspires for good roles in Bollywood... Contd.

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    It is a family film so there must have been intense moments?
    Yes, there was one intense film with Om Puri Sir. I cannot divulge too much about the scene, but I was literally chocked in the first take, I could not deliver my dialogues, I actually broke down. Then even Om Puri Sir broke down and when we finished the scene he told me it was a very good effort.

    How is the director?
    Dipak Sir is a fine director. You need to sit with him to know that depth that he has. He narrates the scene so well that you would relive every moment. I'm not just saying it to say it to the media. You will feel that you have actually done the shot; he takes you so deep down that it will happen from the soul. He has never been that kind of a man who will show that he is working. He will work but it will be like a picnic. It is fun working with him.

    What is happening down South, you have signed quiet a few films...
    Yes, I have one release on July 6 in Telugu. It is a title role called 'Satyabhama'. Then I have another title film called Anasua, where I play a journalist. It is a grey film. Then my third film is a cute romantic story and the fourth is a comedy. I work a lot in south as I get my creative satisfaction there.

    What else?
    I have done a 'Bhojpuri' film called Gangotri. Then in Bollywood, I have Gandhi- My father. Then there is Benaam.

    Why this break from Bollywood?
    Actually, after Family the kind of scripts that I heard did not appeal to me much. I don't really care about what people think. Here there are over active minds which feel that if you are not seen you do not have work. I don't care about that. I'm a person who lives in my house, eats the same usually food and then go down south and do my films. Fortunately, the kind of work that I have done in Bollywood has been the best of my time, best director, best producers. I have done good work. Now since I'm back after a break, I have to work all the better and now I want to work with the 'A' league. I want to be back with a bang. What happens is when you are not seen here in Bollywood, unknowingly or unwittingly, people think that you are not getting work but I have had two Telegu releases last year. Work is work no matter where you work.

    Do you find any change in the working style of Bollywood and South films?
    Not much, but I think that in the south people are more professional. If they give a call time of 6.00 a.m. you have to be there at six other wise they will pack your bags. Also the technicians are much better in the south. But Bollywood in terms of fame is unmatched.

    Do you have any language problems?
    No, in the beginning I had this problem in the South, but not now. I would like to work in more regional films if I am offered a good script. I'm a creative hungry person and where ever the hunger is satisfied I will work there.

    Any one script which you cannot say no to?
    It is very difficult to say. I have not set and boundary for myself that I would like any romantic film or something or the other. I have liked all the films and all the roles that I have done till now.

    How would you analyze yourself now?
    I think I have improved as a person. The industry teaches you a lot; it makes you a fine person and a little more patient with things. I have definitely improved in my dancing skills (laughs) where I though I was too bad.


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