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Cash fails to win the hearts of cine-goers... contd.

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The point I am trying to make is that sometimes it is the herd mentality that threatens the downfall of a film. "Usne kahan achchi film nahin hai, main kuch aur kaise keh doon. In fact let me add on something from myself too. It will be so smart of me, isn't it?"

Do we see something similar happening for Cash here? Of course let the point be re-emphasized that it is not a classic in the making! It was never meant to be. But what it intended was to entertain you for those two hours as you sip your Pepsi (or Coke) with a bucket of popcorn in hands. Watch some cool stunts, ogle at the babes, tap your feet as the songs are on and keep yourself glued to the screen as the film moves at a good pace. Where did the question of a 'deep-rooted story' or an overtly intelligent 'let me challenge you' screenplay come into play?

To think of it, probably Gandhi My Father too is facing the same heat today, though in an altogether different terrain. Thankfully the media reactions have been mixed here though a few still have some scathing things to say. To think of it, in this story based film imbibed with terrific performances, the points being raised are:

'Soul hai par kaafi simplistic approach hai' [There is soul in the film but the film unfolds in an utmost simplistic manner]
'Story to achchi hai par bahaut slow moving hai' [There is good story but it moves quite slowly]
'Sirf achchi performances se to kaam nahi chalta' [Performances are good but just that is not good enough]
'Bahuat dialogue heavy film thi' [Good dialogues, but a little too heavy]
'Aisa laga jaise history lesson hai, entertainment missing tha' [Seems like a history lesson; but where is entertainment?]

Paradoxical, isn't it?

5:41 PM 8/6/2007 On one hand, in a story based classy film like Gandhi My Father, one is searching for some 'feel-good' entertainment.
On the other hand in a 'masala' entertainer like Cash, one is searching for some soul.

Do I have to repeat my argument again?

Probably Anubhav Sinha and Anil Kapoor could meet over a round of beer and pick and choose their share of review comments. They may just end up having a good laugh!

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