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Celina chats on her movie Red

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srk : m'am ur entry into films was accidental or u want to be an actress
Celina Jaitley : it was accidental

moses israel : how it working with suneel darshan in Shaka Laka Boom Boom?
Celina Jaitley : suneel darshar is one of my most fav director and one of the nicest person

navneet : celina, u have such a gr8 body, how disciplined u r about ur exercise regimen
Celina Jaitley : i am very disciplined, I work out and i do yoga

ricky : r u a homebody or a party person
Celina Jaitley : i am a homebody ...dont like to party at all...ricky...

moses israel : the best actor 2006 in film fare award will be??????
Celina Jaitley : there will be a tie between hrithik, aamir and sanjay dutt...i think..

aditya : would u like 2 do an english film??
Celina Jaitley : yes i wud llike to do english film..

rashmi : Which is your favourite character ,till now what you have performed
Celina Jaitley : my character in RED anahita

bharat : its nice to see ppl from an army background do well. We r very proud of u n the
Celina Jaitley : bharat...thanku so much...i am a complete army girl from the bottom of my heart

rocker_cool : how was it working with fardeen khan n anil in NO ENTRY
Celina Jaitley : i learnt a lot from anil...fardeen and me have been a gr8 pair onscreen together

pkr : Do you hate people who lie, like your character in No Entry?
Celina Jaitley : yes i hate people who lie very much

Sevil : have u got any pets
Celina Jaitley : 5 of them

dynamicdude : do you believe in GOd
Celina Jaitley : ofcourse i believe in GOD...my day begins and ends with GOD

Amber : Is there any movie you regret doing??
Celina Jaitley : no ..i dont regret doing any movie

ron : sms or talk?
Celina Jaitley : sms for sure

Amber : What's more important to you.........critical acclaim or box-office success??
Celina Jaitley : a little bit of both amber

sehrish : you enjoy acting or modelling
Celina Jaitley : i have never modelled

sehrish : why did u chose acting as a profession ?
Celina Jaitley : i luv acting

srk : m'am is it necessary to go to a training school to become a good actor
Celina Jaitley : it depends on your personal talent...

celinaarvind : happy valentineday in advance
Celina Jaitley : thanku celinaarvind

srk : m'am what do u think of reality tv shows
Celina Jaitley : i luv reality shows they r much more interesting than regular shows..

swedsih : r u interested to do Pakistani movies
Celina Jaitley : sure if it is directed by a good director

Sevil : do u like travelling
Celina Jaitley : i luv to travel...

Talha Karamat : which is your favorite brand in clothing?
Celina Jaitley : bebe and jashn r my fav brands

priy : happy valentines day from me too
Celina Jaitley : happy valentines day priy

Mr.Cool : celina, do u love kids
Celina Jaitley : i luv children..

mm : which is your biggest hit till date ????
Celina Jaitley : No Entry

Arya : Celina where will u think u would be 10 years from now????
Celina Jaitley : thanku from your mouth to gods ears...

Sagar : wht is ur b'date??
Celina Jaitley : 24th Nov

Don Carlos : do u like mithunda????
Celina Jaitley : yes..

Sevil : do you like cooking and what is your fav dish
Celina Jaitley : i luv cooking and my fav dish is biryani

Fenil Seta : hav u ever walked out of a movie?
Celina Jaitley : yes i have walked out of many movies..

Amber : Ur fav song of 2006.........but it shouldn't be from any of ur movie :-)
Celina Jaitley : Crazy kiya re..

Monash : Did you cut your hair or are you wearing wig
Celina Jaitley : I have cut my hair temporarily

Neel : one more thing, could u recommend a nice perfume that I could gift on 14th?
Celina Jaitley : Neel...it depends on how much u want to spend

moses israel : sanjay in lage raho munnabhai ya aamir in rang de basanti?
Celina Jaitley : little bit of both

rvg : wats ur biggest asset
Celina Jaitley : my biggest asset is my family background

Mr.Cool : which is ur fav holiday spot
Celina Jaitley : Switzerland

SAM : whats your favourite perfume for women as well as men
Celina Jaitley : for women its Beautiful by Estee Lauder and for Men its Gentlemen by Givenchy

Celina Jaitley : ok...i wud be signing off now...it was lovely talking to u all... i want u all to watch RED and chat with me about it again ...post release. Happy Valentines Day to everybody...


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