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    Celina Jaitley speaks about sex outside marriage

    By Super Admin

    Hot, bold, and absolutely upfront - Celina Jaitley is all that and so much more. Speaking about her character Anahita in Vikram Bhatt's upcoming flick Red, the actress speaks about love, lust, and her challenging stint with a romantic thriller. Get candid with the sultry Saniya...

    What really is the dark side in the film Red?
    Every human emotion has a dark side and in this film, that is exactly what we are trying to explore. You can have a positive approach or you can have a negative approach towards the darker side of every emotion, whether it is hatred, jealousy, anger, or pain. Certain incidents in your life bring out a side in you which you cannot change, and that is what Red tackles. Different characters experience different things at different points in life, and a tragedy turns everything around, and brings out the darker side of nature in front of them.

    What does the colour red signify in the movie?
    Red signifies every emotion that you can possibly experience; the darker side of every emotion. You may ask why red and not black, because every dark emotion is not a black emotion.

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    Tell us what genre does Red really fall into?
    It is a new genre; it is the French noir genre for sure to begin with. It is a very passionate, dark, erotic love story. That is what it is... first of its kind.

    How is it working with Vikram Bhatt?
    It was amazing! To work with a person who has more insight into human beings than any psychologist is an experience in itself.

    Vikram Bhatt is a busy director multi-tasking with many films. So how serious was he about this film?
    You cannot cheat Vikram, you cannot cheat your expressions, you have to be serious at all points with Vikram and it is amazing because after Red was finished, I realized that I have grown so much as a human being and as an actor, I am richer. So whatever the fate of Red is, it will always help me because it made me grow as an actor and as a human being.

    And how sizzling is your chemistry with Aftab Shivdasani?
    That is for you to tell me, I cannot really comment on it but it was wonderful working with Aftab or Faffy as we call him. Faffy has been a thorough gentleman, a wonderful co-star, and very co-operative. He always has great inputs for the scenes, he has helped me and co-operated in everything. He has helped me make my intimate scenes happen, and I did the same for him.

    Any sense of rivalry with Amrita?
    Amrita is a dear friend. She has played a very distinct, different character for the first time in her life in this movie. So it has been amazing to see how characters can add so many different dimensions to your movies.

    What is it that sets Red apart from other films?
    The fact that Red is a different film. It explores a different side of love. It is a story, which nobody has explored yet. It is a passionate story, a lot of people will be able to associate to that passion, to that love, to that depression, to that grief, every human emotion is there and everyone will connect to those emotions.

    Will you say it is more of a lust story than a love story?
    Lust and Love are synonymous and it is a proven fact that people first fall in lust and then that changes into love. So that is that.

    Where do you demarcate between love and lust?
    You never know, you are in lust sometimes but you think you are in love. And when you are in love, lust is a part of it naturally. Only if you lust for each other, can you fall in love with each other.

    What is your take on sex outside marriage?
    If you are married and then you are in a sexual relationship with someone else, it is a sacrilege. You cannot do that, it is insulting to the institution of marriage.

    Tell us something about your character?
    I am a grieving widow, a young girl of today's generation, educated and modern. To become a widow, I am telling you the fact from a personal experience of a very close friend of mine, at the age of 21-22 is life-shattering. Your whole life shatters right before your eyes. It is incredible, the kind of grief that you feel and yes, I connected to this character very much. I guess one of the reasons was that at that point personally also in life I was going through a lot of turmoil, so I could connect to that grief. If not the same; it was very close to what a real life Anahita would feel.

    Widow re-marriage is a sensitive topic in a country like India. Do you think that the Indian audiences would accept this fact in the movie?
    Indian audience has opened up, thanks to cable invasion, internet and everything, so I am sure they will accept this issue.

    Your last film Apna Sapna Money Money was a comedy, so how much have you worked for your role in Red, which is very different?
    We could not do any research on the character because these characters are not easily available. This is not a character you can just pick up from the road. This is a very well created character. There were hours and hours of meetings with Vikram for this character - about how she should talk, how she should look, what should be her make-up, what should her clothes be like, etc.

    Speaking about your look in the film, did you specially work for it?
    Yes, we had special black contacts made for the film, my hair was dyed to a simple black, and the clothes are a certain cut only. There is hardly any make-up I have applied in the film, just eye-liner and kajal in most places. So the characters have been worked upon from all aspects.

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