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Rakhi on marriage and Bigg Boss

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Hi Fly : u dont believe in marriage????? but on Bigg Boss u said u wanted to marry Abhishek after getting out of the house!!
rakhi sawant : woh naya naya pyaar tha....i had forgotten that i have struggled a lot....my first priority is my work...i don't believe in marriage....

Mika : do u see mona chopra in the window... she is giving u kunass
rakhi sawant : Goid Bless her

fahim : hi rakhi ur always cool... tips for summer !!! please.. how do u keep ur cool ?
rakhi sawant : eat good food....be cool

haider : hi rakhi. h r u? will u marry me
rakhi sawant : Baabu....shaadi karne ka abhi mera iraada nahin hai...plz don't force me....i have to work a lot...u can meet me through India FM....and please keep on loving me...

pal : you are coming on karan johar show.. just be prepared for the rapid fire round.. sabki band baja dalna..
rakhi sawant : yes my dear friend main sabki band baja doongi....

sunny : do u remember me?? im struggling actor... we went together at club Seven in bandra.
rakhi sawant : sunny i don't remember u, but hope u r good....

hiba : if you werent a model or an actress what would you be?
rakhi sawant : if i wouldn't have been an actress i would have commited suicide.....i couldn't have been anyone else....

ayush : i like u very much i am happy u have progressed a lot but people making remarks on u make me sad
rakhi sawant : ayush thanks a lot...i don't have to say anything about people who cause hurt to me...i wish that Jesus shows them the good path...

nitesh_shahani : do u like madhuri dixit?
rakhi sawant : of course i like Madhuri

double agent : why do u keep changing ur hair styles
rakhi sawant : i change my hair style, make up, clothes, styling.....for different characters so that people don't get bored of me....

pal : I like your guts man... you are one tough female to look out for...just be as you are.. that is what maked rakhee UNIQUE...........
rakhi sawant : thanks a lot Pal...it's because of ur love that i am what i am...ur love makes me strong, so keep on loving me....

nitesh_shahani : r u still in contact with KASH after BIGG BOSS?
rakhi sawant : kashmera, rupali, amit are scared of talking to me....they haven't spoken to me....i tried...i sent invitation on super girl launch but they didn't come....

Hi Fly : which role would be ur dream role
rakhi sawant : i don't think i shall be getting dream role....but i want to do Sridevi's Chaalbaaz...watch my film Budha Mar Gaya next month.....i am playing main lead and its' very funny

Mika : Do u know there is a rakhi's fan group on orkut? do u know orkut?
rakhi sawant : i don't know about my fan group on orkut....but i love them very much....thanks a lot for loving me so mcuh

bilal_007 : which is ur fav nail polish colour and brand?
rakhi sawant : i wear nail polish according to my dress...no specific brand

double agent : in the world there is only one beauty queen and that's u
rakhi sawant : so sweet double agent ....i a

nitesh_shahani : wud u like to work in Dhoom 3?
rakhi sawant : of course i would love to work in Dhoom 3

stud : you once said on air that you are not heroine material, but i am sure you are
rakhi sawant : i still say that i m not heroine material....but i am better than many new heroines....

haider : wat is ur fav pass time .. ru party animal
rakhi sawant : i hate parties but sometimes i have to attend....young girls and boys booze a lot in parties and they are spoiling their lives...once in a while is fine ...but not daily

rakhi_lover : rakhi u r perfect item girl.. congrats...will u keep singing ur own songs?
rakhi sawant : i just sung 'Yaara Na Dil Laga Supergirl...phas jayega'....video name is Supergirl....i've sung only this song...i don't think i will sing again...it's tiring....but if the video is hit then maybe i shall sing again....

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