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    The 'bindaas' girl speaks....

    By Super Admin

    shimul : i am from bangladesh - u have big fan following here

    Rakhi Sawant : thanks Shimul...i've been to's a nice place and i've performed there once

    Mika : how was it working with zayed khan in Main Hoon Na and clht

    Rakhi Sawant : it was ok working with zayed khan

    me_bindas : has your mother accepted Abhishek...because she never looked happy with him in front of the camera

    Rakhi Sawant : my mom doesn't like Abhishek....

    Dolly_Farewell : Wat response has super girl video received abroad ?

    Rakhi Sawant : may 26rth i m getting award for super girl for best music video....

    bilal_007 : hey pls give us tips for skin .... for summer

    Rakhi Sawant : drink lots of water for skin treatment...avoid red meat....

    neetu : hi rakhi are u envious of any actress' figure ?

    Rakhi Sawant : yeah....i envy mariah carrey, J LO, Christina Aguilira....and shakira...except them i haven't liked anyone else....i always follow them....

    srijan : how do u feel when u r linked up with controversy every month?

    Rakhi Sawant : whatever i do is for good....but news people make it controversial....

    rosy : Hi Rakhi, How r u? Where do u shop? and yr fa. pefume? and fav. place in the world except india?

    Rakhi Sawant : i can shop anywhere....even in a small shop if i like something i buy it....

    cool.ibz : r u a family person?

    Rakhi Sawant : i am 1000% family person

    Rakhi Sawant : my favourite perfume is strong men perfume i don't like light perfume

    double agent : do u cry? when did u last cry

    Rakhi Sawant : i cry every day....get emotional everyday not for my career but when i see the injustices to people in news i cry.....everyday

    cool.ibz : how emotional r u at heart?

    Rakhi Sawant : people's suffering gives me josh to do something in life

    Mika : anurag kashyap called u the queen of contradictions... ur comments on that?

    Rakhi Sawant : all the best to anurag kashyap he is a very good director

    Abhishek : ever considered joining politics?

    Rakhi Sawant : i haven't thought about politics...but there are plenty of offers....but if i enter politics then main saare corrupt logon ki band baja doongi....

    Abhishek : what do u wana say to people who criticize u for ur boldnesss?

    Rakhi Sawant : i want to say to my critics that before talking about my boldness they should look in their lives....but i don't have any complaints...i believe in social service....i don't think about my critics....

    bilal_007 : is "band baja doongi" your favourite catch phrase?

    Rakhi Sawant : yes band baja doongi is my takiya kalaam....

    bilal_007 : would you like to play the role of sita in rajkumar santoshi's ramayan ?

    Rakhi Sawant : rajkumar santoshi will not offer me Sita's role in a lifetime...he may offer me suparnkha's role instead....

    srijan : u r now called as the no.1 item girl of india how do u feel to get such title?

    Rakhi Sawant : i am feeling great srijan that after such a long struggle i've got this title....i really like helen ji because she was the no. 1 at one point of time.....

    nitesh_shahani : recently u wer in a contraversy with RAJU SHRIVASTAVA.....What happened there?

    Rakhi Sawant : i am leaving that show....raju is good....but they are using me....

    double agent : do u like to act in Hollywood Movies?

    Rakhi Sawant : i would love to work in Hollywood but i can't speak fluent English but i don't want to do any smooching scenes...i really want to act in a Hollywood film....

    BornToChill : does casting couch really exist? plz be honest

    Rakhi Sawant : casting couch is's a reality ....

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