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    Item girl on Bollywood's best actors

    By Super Admin

    pal : yaar movies mat karo please... keep doing more and more item nos and albums.. we love you that way... that is our rakheeeeee

    rakhi sawant : thank yu my darling ...koi to bola kya baat hai....because dance is my passion...have u seen my super girl video?

    RAKHI_KA_ROCKY : Hi Rakhi........ if you were director who was your first choice in male actors?

    rakhi sawant : Salman and hrithik would have been my choice....

    Addi : have u ever been the victim of casting couch?

    rakhi sawant : yes i've faced the problem of casting couch....aur maine bahut logon ko thappad maara hai, jooton se maara hai...isi liye aaj mein itni strong hoon

    neetu : so do you like sonu nigam rakhi????

    rakhi sawant : i like sonu nigam

    deva : what is ur biggest weakness?

    rakhi sawant : my kamzori is that main kisi bhi garib par atyachaar hote nahin dekh sakti....there should be education for poor kids....

    deva : iam a great fan of yours i watched the big brother only for you

    rakhi sawant : thank u deva....

    Addi : kareena / priyanka / preity / rani / ash -- who is the most overrated ???

    rakhi sawant : i really don't like Preity....

    bilal_007 : u sound liek u have been thru a lot of hardships in life?

    rakhi sawant : yes i have seen a lot of hardships since ten years old....i've struggled a lot....main apne peron par khud khadi hui hoon...

    srijan : who is ur favourite actor in the film industry?

    rakhi sawant : my favourite is Amitabh Bachchan, Hrithik and Salman

    deva : please dont ask rakhi about shadi and dont break millions of hearts

    rakhi sawant : deva don't worry i won't marry...i will never have kids...i am adopting a kid next year....and i shall make his or her life beautiful...

    sam : what would be your advice for Mallika Sherawat

    rakhi sawant : Mallika she is good the way she is...she is also bindaas like me....

    rough6060 : wat made u dress like a tigress? U looked hot!

    rakhi sawant : was painting for was painful....thanks....for apreciating....

    Unforgiven : hi Rakhi, where are you chatting from, in bombay/

    rakhi sawant : bombay

    rakhi sawant : my house

    fuf : what do you think about newcomer jiah khan

    rakhi sawant : jiah looks hot....but she is too young....but she has done a good job but i liked her that she opened up in her first film itself....

    rishu : any future plans with PETA

    rakhi sawant : ii will continue with PETA

    Dolly_Farewell : tell us a good fashion tip for young girls who follow ur fashion

    rakhi sawant : main jo bhi pehenti hoon wo fashion ho jaata hai....

    pal : u r my controversial queen...

    rakhi sawant : Ha Ha.....thanks...Pal....

    Unforgiven : where do u live in bombay?

    rakhi sawant : Andheri

    Addi : when u'll come to Pakistan

    rakhi sawant : i want to come to pakistan.....

    PURVA : i love u rakhi!!! you rock no matter what

    rakhi sawant : i love u too...keep watching my super


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