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New bombshell on the block

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abc : what kind of a man is your type?
Sherlyn Chopra : a real man who could tame a mad girl like me....

aleesha : as an actor how much would u rate urself out of 10
Sherlyn Chopra : out of 10 i would say 9.99

vicky : whats ur take on sexuality being such a tabboo in indian society
Sherlyn Chopra : vicky its strange and funny that sexuality is a taboo in india as india has the second largest population in the world...

Sexy_Froggie : fame / power / looks / money ...what attracts u in a man?
Sherlyn Chopra : he would have to have certain intangible assets...the tangible ones can be ignored

Alam Shah : do u like being called Mona darling?
Sherlyn Chopra : i would take personal offence to being called mona darling

mona-sona : what ur college people say bout u now>?
Sherlyn Chopra : today i m their fantasy, their dream girl

Alam Shah : is it true u've been a victim of casting couch?
Sherlyn Chopra : dear aalam shah, i play a victim only on screen....

MSH : Which is ur boldest movie?
Sherlyn Chopra : my boldest is yet to come

joker2039 : come on... there must be atleast 1 bollywood actor u cant resist
Sherlyn Chopra : mallika sherawat...she makes me wonder if i m straight

Sikhsta : are you in mumbai ?
Sherlyn Chopra : yeah i m in amchi mumbai

Sexy_Froggie : so whats are ur intrests - other than doing films?
Sherlyn Chopra : i like playing all kinds of games...both good and bad...

mak : tell us about the real sherlyn... how was ur childhood?
Sherlyn Chopra : i was a studious kid....i was quite boring as books were my only best friends then

Sexy_Froggie : what are u good at beside entertainment
Sherlyn Chopra : i m a complete dramebaaz...

muks113 : Hi Sherlyn...i think you have got a great body and glad you like showing it... does that make for some problems in real life? do fans ever mob you
Sherlyn Chopra : no...i know how to guard myself...i carry peper spray and a huge knife in my bag...

MSH : u carry a huge knife? oh my god
Sherlyn Chopra : yes i do carry a knife i m not kidding...

sherlyn_lover : can you plz give us your e-mail address???
Sherlyn Chopra : make an effort to find my email address...

mona-sona : does adding chopra as surname guarantee success in the film industry
Sherlyn Chopra : dear i was born with this surname....u can check my passport...

SaNdRA : hi sherlyn! Are u coming to germany?
Sherlyn Chopra : yes i've heard german guys are really blessed....

LOLZZ : sherlyn who do u like the most? HRITHIK OR SHAHRUKH?
Sherlyn Chopra : hrithik's body and shahrukh's screen presence...

sherlyn_lover : do u mind telling people ur vital-stats?
Sherlyn Chopra : i don't mind telling my vital stats.... but i don't hide them so u can figure out yourself....

muks113 : will you consider doing nude shots if the script demands so??
Sherlyn Chopra : i don't believe in "script demands" bullshit...if i like the director, the actor and the cinematographer i don't mind stripping off my clothes

Bad boy : Sherlyn, Whats the difference between u and a Rakhi Sawant babe?
Sherlyn Chopra : it's like asking what's the difference between a maruti 800 and a mercedes sl 500.

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