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Sherlyn doesn't mind stripping

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Move over Mallika Sherawat, Rakhi Sawant and all those Bollywood babes who have attempted to sound daring with their bold statements in media. Here comes the queen of them all. Can any Bollywood damsel get any better than Sherlyn Chopra when it comes to giving sensational quotes?

Bold as ever, Sherlyn Chopra chatted with all her fans in a live celebrity chat.

Alam Shah : wats da natural color of ur eyes??
Sherlyn Chopra : don't remember my true eye color

dolly_hot : is ur real name sherlyn or mona?
Sherlyn Chopra : what do u think?

tj : Hi Sherlyn hows ur career shaping up?
Sherlyn Chopra : two releases lined up and a music album to look forward to

rocky : gr8 body... do u work out?
Sherlyn Chopra : of course i work out...don't ask me where

Alam Shah : tell us something abt ur music album?
Sherlyn Chopra : its a strictly only adults album

Alam Shah : any relations with the bollywood bigwig chopras???
Sherlyn Chopra : yep...rishte mein to baap lagte hain....naam hai chopra

Alam Shah : so...are u single? honest answer plz
ash chopra : do u have any sisters?
Sherlyn Chopra : i m single....and one sister

sherilyn_LUVER : hey sherlyn... who gave u the name MOna?
Sherlyn Chopra : the sleazy filmmakers in bollywood gave me the name Mona

tj : are u singing in your album.. like rakhi sawant?
Sherlyn Chopra : no i m singing like J Lo....

shiraz : hi i am from the uk i have a genuine offer will you marry me?
Sherlyn Chopra : Shiraz do u have a swiss account :)

Alam Shah : i hav a swiss account.....and a swiss car ...wat say?
Sherlyn Chopra : i need to know if u r blessed between the ears and below the belt

rocky : sherlyn.....three films..three flops....disappointed?
Sherlyn Chopra : i was born to be a fighter...fighters don't get disappointed....

love u : hi mona .... whats ur biggest fantasy / dream ?
Sherlyn Chopra : to have an only girls party in miami...

tj : can u tell us your forthcoming projects.. names?
Sherlyn Chopra : Red Swastik, Raqeeb, Outrageous

love u : u are very hot - do u like being called sex symbol?
Sherlyn Chopra : as long as they don't call me a bimbette i m ok with anything....

sherilyn_LUVER : are u u comming in any good movies in future
Sherlyn Chopra : i m a bad girl so only bad movies for me....

tj : what actor do you aspire to work with
Sherlyn Chopra : any actor who is not delusional

raju : dont u want lead roles in commercial films like Salaam namastey?
Sherlyn Chopra : i would be a fool to say no to good films....

ash chopra : do u have any boyfriend
Sherlyn Chopra : no i don't have a boyfriend

Alternative : Are you going to act in any other languages?
Sherlyn Chopra : no i don't.

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