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Hearty chat with Chunky

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Firoz Nadiadwala's Fool N Final releases soon and apart from Sunny Deol, Shahid Kapoor and Viveik Oberoi, one more name that makes you look forward to the film is none other than Chunky Panday.

He speaks to us about what makes FNF a special film, how he is learning from the new breed of actors and his future plans.

One can see from the promos that Fool N Final is an enthralling ride. Can you elaborate?
Over and above a script that moves at rapid pace, there is also some phenomenal action on the lines of Dhoom:2. You will see some stunning stunts with skateboards, MDX cycle chases, etc. Then there are those action sequences in deserts which bear that trademark Firoz Nadiadwala stamp. It's a complete package that makes it so exciting.

Do you get to be a part of these stunts?
I play a man called Rocky who just loves two things in life - guns and gambling. The only stunt I pull off is stealing the diamond at the very beginning of the film. I believe that is thrilling enough [laughs]!

One hears that you are really impressed by the new breed of actors like Shahid and Ritiesh with whom you worked in Apna Sapna Money Money.
I am. Looking at them I have realized that one has to change with times. After spending some time in the industry since I made my comeback, I have been getting an offer a day but I am taking it slow. Not that I am being overtly picky and choosy but I am waiting to grab something that is really-really good. At this stage of my career I want to do less work but of the kind for which I would be remembered for years to come.

Is your strategy helping you?
You can see that from the recent award functions. Whether it was Filmfare, Stardust or upcoming IIFA, I have been nominated for my work in Apna Sapna Money Money. I am thoroughly enjoying my new innings. I got the kind of recognition I would have loved to get in 'D'. Also, I no more have to worry about a film to run or sell solely on my name. Today films are being made with characters and I am happy to get the best of those.

Coming to a slightly serious topic, what went wrong with I See You? It wasn't a bad film at all but just didn't tick at the box office?
I guess the cause here was the entire promotion thing, which suffered before the release of the film. There was immense distributor pressure on Arjun (Arjun Rampal), film's producer due to which he couldn't shape up the promotion the way he would have liked. It was saddening in the end because I stand by the film for its beauty and extraordinary music.

Any silver lining from the film?
On a personal note, the film worked quite well for me to be noticed. In fact when nominations at various award functions were announced, people asked me whether they were for I See You and I had to tell them that no, it was for Apna Sapna Money Money.

The good part though is that I See You has done well overseas and also has a good DVD market for itself. My personal views about Arjun are that he is a lovely human being and a good producer to have worked with. I am sure he would see good success in his next production.

You would also be seen in a film called Ishaan with Shreyas Talpade. Is it an out and out serious film?
Not at all. In fact there is lots of tongue in cheek humor. It is a commercial film with comic elements in it but then it also comes with a message and has a sensitive stream running throughout. See, in tragic situations you search for light moments while light situations also give rise to tragedy sometimes. It is that battle between tragedy and feeling good that forms the germ of Ishaan.

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