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"Everything revolves around my family": Anil

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    Karan: Is this a real fact that both of you'll are really close friends which doesn't really happen... two actors being real friends... That doesn't really happen in the industry though people pretend but this is a genuine friendship... So how did that happen? How did it all start?
    Akshaye: From my side it was out of respect really.

    Karan: You're just making him older now.
    Akshaye: No, no... It's out of sheer respect. I think friendship at any level has to start from a certain amount of respect. and I have a tremendous amount of respect for him and I think 'Gandhi, My Father' has given us a chance to work in such close proximity so we spend a lot of time with each other, have a lot of conversation. When you spend so much time, it gives you an opportunity to strike a friendship, strike a connection.
    Anil: At least for me, it started from Taal.
    Karan: You both did Taal and then Salaam-e-ishq also.
    Anil: Yeah, that was more recent. But basically for me it started from Taal. I remember on the first day of shooting... I was waiting on the sets of Taal and looking at the watch and I was like, 'Subhaashji aapka hero Akshaye to aaya hi nahi abhi tak', and he said, 'woh aayega.. who aayega!' And he came after 12 o'clock and he came very casually on the set and he said, 'Subhaashji, sorry, I overslept'. (Laughs)

    Karan: Well that's quite honest, instead of saying I was really sick last night and I was throwing up.
    Anil: So I was completely taken aback by his honesty and he was not trying to...like hum log to kabhi kabhi jhoot bol dete the but he was one of those honest actors I had ever met. That's what I like.. What he feels... he says it. No double faced kind of personality. I'm sometimes very scared what he's going to talk. You think... pata nahi kya bol dega...

    Karan: Is he scary like that? Is he going to attack me if I ask him something?
    Akshaye: Especially after one or two vodka's. (Laughs)
    Karan: Listen this is a family show ya... What are you doing to my show?
    Karan: I was talking to Anil about his career graph. Yours has been through its own upswings and downswings. It's been a journey for you as well. You came in as one of the most hyped new comers and you saw some great times and you saw some bad times and then Dil Chahta Hain onwards there was this emergence of Akshaye Khanna, the actor. So how's it been... the entire journey?
    Akshaye: I was listening to what Anil was saying also of how literally empty an actor would feel without the film industry... without the journey and this continuance of the journey you know... its such a great place to be. Up, down... whatever stage your at, its just such a great place to be... so much fun and you know... we wouldn't do anything else...

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