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"I liked Hrithik in Lakshya" : Darshan Jariwala

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tashu : what do u think of the performance of shefali shah??
Darshan Jariwala : shefali is a great actress and a delight to work withv
tashu : wasn't it difficult to say yes to such kind of a role wherein, lot of expectations come into picture??
Darshan Jariwala : yes, it was difficult to accept such a role. i felt excited and petrified at the same time. regarding expectations, i had only one aim, to satisfy my director

rajan : what is ur forthcoming play??
Darshan Jariwala : i have a couple of plays in mind. lets see when i can put them up

DjKamal : sir i really like your role in Style film
Darshan Jariwala : though i also love my role in style, gandhi is something else

k16 : Hello sir hw did nu manage to loose ur weight
Darshan Jariwala : loosing 18 kgs for gandhi was easy bcoz the motivation was there. yoga, diet and exercise helped me.

wajeeha : do u think Gandhi is ur best performance so far as far as the films are concerned.
Darshan Jariwala : thankz wajeeha. yes i think gandhi is the best work of mine in films till date and my challenge will be to try and match it in my forthcoming films

k16 : do u feel the film gandhi my father has justified Gandhi and sons relationship
Darshan Jariwala : everyone conected with the film was aware of the human tragedy they were dealing with. right from script onwards we have maintained a neutral stand. so no judgements regarding gandhi and harilal

k16 : Hw was ur experience working with Anil Kapoor
Darshan Jariwala : as a producer, i will give full marks to anil kapoor.

k16 : what about bhumika?? how did like working with her??
Darshan Jariwala :its a pity i had only one scene with bhumika. i really like her as an actress

gust : which is ur fav. play??
Darshan Jariwala : mulraj mansion which i did wiht paresh rawal is a favourite so is patra mitro, the gujarati adaptation of love letters

gust : what do like the most about the film?
Darshan Jariwala : i feel the film is remarkable in its pathos, its greatness and its sweep

vj : films must be real easy job for u since u r a theatre person
Darshan Jariwala : gandhi taught me the basics of films acting and believe me the craft of theatre is useless in front of a camera.

paki_1 : R u working in Anil Kapoor's forthcoming film Tashaan?
Darshan Jariwala : no, tashan has anil as an actor.

paki_1 : do u think GMF will get an oscar entry??
Darshan Jariwala : i'll be delighted to see gandhi nominated for the oscar in the best foreign film category

k16 : do u expect an award for ur role this year?
Darshan Jariwala : the only award is the genuine happiness of the people which is already received by me. the most common sentiment of all of my fans has been that i have done them proud. What better award can i get than that

chheena : would u ever love to switch over to direction
Darshan Jariwala : i feel i must master the field of acting then think of writing and direction

Darshan Jariwala : so thank u all for your good wishes and kind words. it encourages me to continuously surpass and touch new heights in my field. good bye

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