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"I think Akshaye was awesome as Harilal" : Darshan Jariwala

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Courtesy: IndiaFM
Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Darshan Jariwala has definitely proved his mettle as an actor with his fabulous performance in Gandhi My Father. His down to earth persona with a genuine conviction was showered with praises by his fans. Here are some excerpts from the chat

kem chho : hello Darshan!! howz life after GMF??
Darshan Jariwala : thanks. i am fine and feeling very grateful for all the encouraging reviews that i have received for the film.

usama : hi! what a performance???
Darshan Jariwala : are those three question marks of disbelief or u meant three exclamation marks?

vishal : u were excellent in gandhi my father
Darshan Jariwala: thanks vishal

Biko : what next after gandhi??
Darshan Jariwala : three films ready for release, biko. halla bol, aaja nachale and an english film loins of punjab presents

Saif : Congrats for huge success of GMF. you r really a gud actor. where u were as before?
Darshan Jariwala : well saif, i have done a few films before., diverse characters but nothing as big as gandhi till now

ayushman : i loved you in ayushman are u planning to do any other shows on tv or is it only films now!
Darshan Jariwala : ayushman was the last tv series i did and i dont intend to dilute my focus from films right now

usama : aap ne aap ka suroor mein bhi tu kam kiya hai
Darshan Jariwala : haan aap ka surroor was a totally different character.

rajan : wat inspired u to perform so well???
Darshan Jariwala : my inspiration was the total faith that both my director feroz abbas khan and my producer anil kapoor put in me.

dev : hi! what is ur opinion about the performance of Akshaye Khanna??
Darshan Jariwala : i think akshaye was awesome as harilal. if it were not for him and shefali as ba, i wld not have been challenged to excel at my role

imraan : sir aapne jo perfomance diya hai gandhi my father me woh aaj ke date mein koi bhi bada film stars nahi de sakta hai.it was fabulous watching u in that film
Darshan Jariwala : thanks imraan. but i feel my gandhi was not mine alone. it was the team work of the film

dev : which is ur fav. hindi flim
Darshan Jariwala : my fav hindi films are teesri manzil, guide and deewar

dev : do u belive in gandhi giri
Darshan Jariwala : dev it is a compulsion of our times that we have to package gandhi in chewable morsels and peddle him as gandhigiri. but as long as the loafer at the street corner bidi shop gets to hear and think about gandhi, its fine with me.

imraan : wot about Feroz Abbas Khan..howz he as a director??
Darshan Jariwala : feroz was great as the director. he knew me as an actor much more than myself

rajan : i have seen u in sum comedy movies.. bt seeing u in a serius role is a very diffrnt experience.. what do u think, what is tuffer thing to do - comedy or serious role like gandhi???
Darshan Jariwala : both serious and comedy is equally tough. if u notice even in gandhi there is a subtle humor. i feel the more subtle the emotion, the tougher it is to play.

usama : r u theatre artist as well??
Darshan Jariwala : yes i have been in theatre since past 30 yrs

jaadoo : Sir..what do you think of hrithik roshan as an actor?
Darshan Jariwala : i liked hrithik in lakshya. i think he is intelligent enough to pick up the craft of acting as he goes along just like salman or ajay

jaadoo : which is ur fav. scene in the film??
Darshan Jariwala : my fav scene in the film GMF is the one between the tea stall owner and harilal

jaadoo : how did u bag this role??
Darshan Jariwala : as i love saying it i was feroz khan's first choice and also his last. in between the search for gandhi took time and effort, it was worldwide, many stars were also considered for the role and finally i bagged it

jaadoo : Are u satisfied with ur own performance??
Darshan Jariwala : regarding being satisfied with my performance, i must say that i am not. but that is the tragedy of cinema. unlike theatre where u get a chance ot change your performance each show, here the frame is frozen. in hindsight, all actors feel they cld've improved upon their performance

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