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Emraan Hashmi's painful birthday...

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By: Upala KBR, Mid-Day
Tuesday, April 10, 2007
Some boys never grow up, and Emraan Hashmi is probably the best example of that. His birthday on March 24 was 'the most boring birthday' he's ever had and he's got no one to blame but himself.

Says Emraan, "We were shooting for Mohit Suri's Aawarapan in Hong Kong at a dump full of metal, broken glass and rusted nails on my birthday. We planned to cut a cake on the sets in the morning and then have a rocking party at night. But my wife Parveen had flown in from Mumbai to celebrate with me too, so Mohit packed up early and we cut the cake, which I smashed on one of the unit people's face. Then all hell broke loose as everyone started chasing each other with the cake! Then we had a bottle fight and a friend started chasing me. While running, a rusted nail went through my foot and it was the most painful thing ever!"

Hospital ordeal

It was so bad that Emi had to take a tetanus injection at a local hospital. But the bad boy says he didn't flinch or faint. "It was just a nail, not a bullet!" he quips.

Emraan says that producer Mukesh Bhatt took him to the hospital in the evening, but they ended up being there till late in the night.

"The staff couldn't understand what we were saying. They only spoke Chinese and it seemed like the doctor was saying that she wanted to cut my foot open. She was showing me a knife and miming the act! It was an ordeal trying to explain to them what had happened and I got scared that they might actually cut my foot open, so I tried to slink away. However, Mukeshji caught hold of me and made me sit down. Finally, he made them understand that all we wanted was a Tetanus injection," says Emi, laughing.

The late night at the hospital combined with a 5 am call time the next morning put all party plans to rest. "It got cancelled," rues Emraan. What about Parveen? She must have been worried. "She's used to such things happening to me by now."

On another note, Subhash Ghai's Good Boy Bad Boy starring him and Tusshar Kapoor is up for release on May 11. And bad boy Emraan relived his college days through the film. He says, "When Ashwini Choudhary (the director) narrated the story to me, I was blown away. I play the quintessential bad boy and it's very true to my life. He has a clear philosophy: meet and flirt with as many women as possible."

Parveen's deewana

Was there a particular moment that he connected to with his real life? "Yes, the scene where I am chasing my co-star Isha Sharvani. When I was in college, I was always chasing girls but never got bhaav from them. I used to be crazy about Parveen in those days, but she was in another college and never gave me any importance. She used to think I was a real loser!"

He also got the nickname of 'badmaash' from Subhash Ghai. "He would constantly call me by that name on the sets. On his first meeting with me, he told me that I had the potential to make this a kick-ass role.

After Subhashji saw the first rushes, and said I had given a natural and effortless performance. As you can see, I'm very pleased!"

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