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"I call my pet dog as Darling" : Esha Deol

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By: Faridoon Shahryar, IndiaFM
Wednesday, August 22, 2007

"I call my pet dog as Darling. It's a nice name," says Esha Deol as she got into an animated conversation with us about her next film Darling where she is playing Fardeen Khan's love interest on-the-sly. "People who are having an affair obviously have a lot of passion and lots of romance," she says and laughs uproariously. If the promos of the film are anything to go by, then this Deol scion has a meaty role up her sleeve that may very well showcase her acting talents. Let's not waste any more time and dig into some straight-talking....

What is Darling all about?
Darling is a thriller with an element of comedy in it. In the film, I'm playing this girl Geeta who is Fardeen's secretary. They are having an affair. Due to some unfortunate incident the poor girl dies. But she has a lot of unfinished work left on earth so she comes back as an unsatisfied soul.

The promos where you tickle Fardeen's cheeks while he is sleeping with Isha Koppikar are funny as well as creepy....
It's a thriller which is funny.

After Ankahee, Darling seems to be one movie that may have exploited your acting talents to the optimum...
Absolutely true. Mr Ram Gopal Varma has done a very good job with me. I'm very satisfied with the way my character has shaped up and the way the graph of my character grows. I loved playing Geeta.

Your chemistry with Fardeen is crackling with freshness...
Yeah, thank you Fardeen for bearing with me.

The song picturisation of Tadap is oozing with passion. You guys look very involved....
People who are having an affair obviously have a lot of passion and lots of romance. It is not a boring committed relationship.

So, committed relationships are boring...
(Laughs) They get boring after a while.

What was your reaction when you heard the title Darling...It's an unusual name...Isn't it!
Darling is a really nice title. You'll have to judge for yourself who's the Darling. When you love someone you call them Darling, sweety, baby so Darling is one of those better off words than baby or sweetu. I call my pet dog as Darling. It's a nice name.

You've worked with several directors. When you were offered a film to be directed by RGV, how did you react to that?
I was like wow! It's a treat for me to work under his direction. He is a gift to our industry.

RGV Ki Aag is releasing on August 31st and Darling is releasing on September 7th. Both have been directed by the same director. Does it affect both the films in anyway?
I don't know. I'm no one to judge that and I've never really given it a thought.

What about music of the film. What's your favourite track?
Music is really nice. T Series is producing the film. Their taste in the music and even Ramu's taste for the matter is outstanding. We have Pritam and Himesh doing the music. Most of the tracks are catchy. Tadap is my favourite.

How was it working with Isha Koppikar, in a way you are playing her soutan?
She took me by surprise. Usually I refrain from being friendly with any female co-stars because I've never really got along that well. But Isha is chilled out and really minds her own space. She is a treat to work with. She sticks to her character and helps you do your own thing.

Fardeen calls you a buddy. How is he as a co-star?
Working with Fardeen has always been really nice. We have always gelled very well together and there are times when we've run out of conversation. We've worked so much together that we didn't know what to say to each other. There would be days when we won't wish each other hello. On the other hand, there would be days when we would have lots to talk about and he is someone who's not a selfish actor. He is very understanding and helpful.

A few of the movies that you guys have done together haven't worked at the Box Office...does it bother you?
That's not in my hands. I'm an actress.

Any memorable incident during the shooting of Darling?
When we were shooting the Tadap song, Fardeen and me were doing this step, he was really close to me and it was one of those days....Ramu knew that me and Fardeen were bored of each other . While doing a step my elbow gave a hard blow to his chin and the poor fellow got hurt really badly. Ramu said you've done it on purpose. (Laughs).

What are your forthcoming projects?
Hijack with Shiney Ahuja.

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