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    Fardeen Khan speaks on his birthday

    By Super Admin

    Fardeen Khan is 32 years old today, and it seems that along with turning a year older, the bratty actor has also turned mellow.

    The former party animal is planning to spend a quite evening at home with family and close friends.

    How are you celebrating your birthday tomorrow?

    Dad (Feroz Khan) is flying down from Bangalore, and my sister Laila too is coming down from Delhi, so it's going to be a family get-together of sorts.

    As of now, there are no plans for a party. I don't feel like celebrating. No particular reason why.

    What has been your most memorable birthday?

    All birthdays are big days, but your 13th, 21st and 30th are special. When you are 13, you become a teenager and step into adolescence.

    At 21, you become an adult, and that gives you license to do everything that you want to do. It also makes you responsible for your actions. At 30, you celebrate three decades and wonder how all that time has gone by!

    If you were granted three wishes today, what would they be?

    I would wish for the eradication of poverty and hunger, happiness and good health for my family and the people I love, and peace.

    I don't want to be greedy and ask for things for myself as God has been kind to me. I have everything I've ever wanted.

    Your next release is PNC's Just Married.

    Yes, it's a film about marriage. It's interesting as it starts off where most Hindi films end, and attempts to explore a couple's life that has just had an arranged marriage.

    It explores what happens to two near-strangers on their honeymoon, the issues they face, their insecurities and awkwardness and their state of mind.

    Did you feel connected to Just Married?

    I had a love marriage, so I can't say that I understood the concept and complications of an arranged marriage, but yes, I connected to Just Married as a film.

    It's a very real and honest look at such a situation, and it's something people will identify with.

    60 per cent of Indians have arranged marriages. Meghna's (Gulzar, the director) written a very real script and treated the characters with sensitive and honesty.

    This is your third film with Esha. What's the best and worst thing about working with her?

    The best thing is that we get along very well. It's great to have a rapport with your co-stars as the process of acting becomes a pleasure.

    You have a healthy working atmosphere and are not embarrassed to make an ass of yourself.

    As far as the worst thing about ED is concerned, there's nothing really. Yes, she gets distracted easily and we have to remind her to get back to work!

    It's been over a year since you got married. Do you still feel 'just married'?
    I feel very happily married - the days go by fast. I couldn't have asked for more...

    Any changes marriage has brought in you?

    My priorities might have changed, but I can't say it's because of marriage. Of course, marriage is a stabilising factor in one's life. Every one goes through different phases in life, and so have I.

    Sajid Khan says you have become more focused on your career after marriage.

    It's about taking it to the next level - either you are happy where you are, or you do better work, which takes planning and a lot of time.

    Last year, you put on a lot of weight...

    Yes, I had taken it quite easy last year. I was settling down after marriage and seven months of work. Also, I'd been travelling a lot. But it's important to be in shape.

    And now you've lost the excess baggage!

    I'm still losing weight. I met John Reynolds in Australia, and did a few sessions with him while shooting for Heyy Babyy! Now he's helping me to lose weight and build my muscle tone in Mumbai.

    Losing weight is not just about weight training; there is also proper diet involved. It's about how you look and feel.

    My clothes are fitting so much better. John has been a bodybuilder for 20 years, so his entire approach is very holistic.

    Both Natasha and you are supposed to be great cooks.

    Well, Natasha is a great cook. I can make a mean barbeque steak, while she can cook just about anything. Some of her best dishes are lasagna, roast chicken and some really amazing pasta.

    Why didn't you throw a party to celebrate your first wedding anniversary?

    Natasha wanted to be alone for our first wedding anniversary together. Because I was shooting continuously, we were not able to spend time together.

    So on our anniversary, we went to Devigarh Palace in Rajasthan and spent a few days there together.

    Do you have plans of starting a family soon?

    Of course, we do, but there are no immediate plans. Natasha and I want to travel and do so many things first.

    It's a full-time commitment, and one should have babies only when one is ready for it.

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