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Fool N Final is a fun ride... Contd

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If you saw Shahid in a flying car in Vaah! Life Ho Toh Aisi, this time you will be astonished to see him as his hi-flying antics will be on a different level altogether. Shahid has been trained to perform stunts on not a horsepower packed motorbike or a rocket fuel powered sedan but a BMX bike.

"You should check out his speed. He is even faster than the cars," exclaims director Ahmed Khan

Trained under the watchful eyes of master action director Allan Amin, it seemed like a grueling task for Shahid. "Shahid Kapoor has spent three months learning to do stunts on a BMX bike. You have to see him do his stunts. He has done a wheelie and a tail whip", Khan goes on to add.

But above that he also jumped from a 16-storey building with his BMX. Now that's some hi-flying.


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