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Chat with Hansika Motwani... Contd.

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Aseel : what is your fv scene in aks ?
Hannsikaa : whenm i was walking on the road with himesh

Shahwani : If you had option to pick actor for your next movie who would it be ?
Hannsikaa : whoever u would like to see me in

fringant : i really liked u as karuna in shaka laaka boom
Hannsikaa : thanks... even i really liked that role

camilia : Which actress would you like to work with? Kajol, Rani, Preity others?
Hannsikaa : all of those... they are all seniors and all are good

Mohammed Madha : Hannsikaa, all of ur movies will be hits, i gurantee u, coz i will take all of my friends and family to watch ur upcoming movies. i did the same for aks
Hannsikaa : thank u so much... im really touched

moses sapir : U have a good voice-u must sing in ur up coming also
Hannsikaa : will try

moses sapir : did u see deols apne?
Hannsikaa : no not yet... i just came back today... i was out

jeetu : u r d next priety zinta of bollywood.
Hannsikaa : really?

Visalicousus : I guesse You dont like "malika aunty"
Hannsikaa : theres nothing like that. she is very sweet

celeb : u had called mallika as "mallika aunty"?
Hannsikaa : no...its fake news... i had no reason to call her aunty

dia : i think the crying scene you done was great
Hannsikaa : ya even i think so... i liked that scene as well

crazy4u : ur film jaago was so boring
Hannsikaa : really?

celeb : i want 2 meet u
Hannsikaa : me too

himeshanshu : which is ur favourite song in aks........choose any 1
Hannsikaa : tera mera milna

fringant : what does Hannsikaa mean
Hannsikaa : a swan's child

ricky : would you prefer himesh as actor or singer??
Hannsikaa : both... he's proved himseflf in both ways

mini : which was ur favourite serial in tv
Hannsikaa : american idol

Sajal : how ur parents feel abt acting in movies
Hannsikaa : my parents feel great and all are excited and both r very good composers

hash : werent u a ghost in hum kaun hai? it was a funny film
Hannsikaa : sort of... haha

arnab : u should do some item nimber too..what u say?
Hannsikaa : no comments

dia : would you love to work with ash
Hannsikaa : y not

bibhu : would u like to work in nisbad if jia was not there
Hannsikaa : well... lets eee

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