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Hansika interacting fans

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moses sapir : h-r the person ya h-r the music director
Hannsikaa : both

fringant : which is your fav haloday destination
Hannsikaa : Goa and dubai

camilia : I would like to be an actress, an advice?
Hannsikaa : have faith in god and ur mom and work hard

Visalicousus : how come u changed so much in just 3 yrs. im still shocked!!
Hannsikaa : girls grow fast... hehe

haider alvie : do u call like all the actors auncles or not..cause they r all so old to u...n all he actress aunties...
Hannsikaa : nothing of that sort...haha

Vishwas : How was ur experience woth Hrithik in koi mil gaya?
Hannsikaa : superb...

fidashah : famous writer Har i Motwani is also from mumbai,do u know him
Hannsikaa : no...i dont

varyani : wats u r height
Hannsikaa : 5'5 1/2

santosh : how to work with telgu actor Allu Arjun
Hannsikaa : superb greta... fun

kk : and tell me plz AKS 2 is comin na
Hannsikaa : ya i will tell u soon

mini : can u give us ur beauty tips?
Hannsikaa : sleep early, eat lots of fruits and green salads

hi : you are so lovely
Hannsikaa : thank u so much. so r u

Mohammed Madha : i will get myself enrolled in padar internation school, will u be my friend?
Hannsikaa : definitely

Shania-SWEDEN : Who is your favourite HOLLYWOOD actor and actress
Hannsikaa : brad pitt, julia roberts

moses sapir : hindostani movies ya hollywood movies?
Hannsikaa : hindustani

nashpp : are u paid to chat here?
Hannsikaa : NO...

ricky : what if u r linked with other actors in bollywood??
Hannsikaa : no comments

moses sapir : What is yr fave amitabh movie ?
Hannsikaa : sholay

himeshanshu : taran adarsh ke baare mei kya kehna hai?
Hannsikaa : he's very good...

madina : where did those dimples disappear?
Hannsikaa : see my right profile and ull see them always

fringant : So when are we expecting u in koffee with karan. Would really love to see there?
Hannsikaa : very soon

akriti : you are cool,sweet,trendy,friendly, frank,fashionable,smart,free, honest,traditional and interesting
Hannsikaa : thank u so much... ill live up to that

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