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Chat with Hansika Motwani... Contd.

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Mohammed Madha : when is ur film with mimoh coming? wasnt that ur debut film?
Hannsikaa : i had a good role and good songs and i think i couldn't get a better debut that this

dia : u got any siblings?
Hannsikaa : ya i got an elder brother

urlover : will u continue with television?
Hannsikaa : time will speak

moses sapir : Ur childhood fave movie is??
Hannsikaa : hum hain rahi pyar ke

rjay : why did himesh hide ur identity b4 films release? he said u r some female named riaa
Hannsikaa : that was to break my child image and give all of u a surprise

moses sapir : Karan johar ya aditya chopra??
Hannsikaa : both

Visalicousus : is this himesh's real life story?
Hannsikaa : fictioned

fidashah : ur mother land city
Hannsikaa : delhi

mini : which type of dresses u like to wear in daily
Hannsikaa : shorts, capris, ganjis, loose shirts and all...

himeshanshu : who approached u for aap ka surroor himesh or prashant?
Hannsikaa : prashant

rajeev : did you see sivaji the boss??
Hannsikaa : not yet... going tonight
Amit Bhawani : Hannsikaa any plans for developing your own fan site online?
Hannsikaa : sort of

aditya : Hannsikaa , please please take a look at the website i made for you www.Hannsikaaworld.com
Hannsikaa : i have seen it already... thank u so much

bibhu : i m frm orissa .have u ever been to orissa
Hannsikaa : yes i do...

himeshanshu : r u there on orkut?
Hannsikaa : no...i dont believe in orkut

celeb : do u like harry potter?
Hannsikaa : ya i do...

Hannsikaa : her personal life

punjabi : u look really older than your age
Hannsikaa : my character demanded it

moses sapir : i wush u will win in 2008 film fare award for best newcomer female
Hannsikaa : i wish too

rjay : why did the critics write bad things about u?
Hannsikaa : the critics know

crazy4u : i think u r the most cutest girl i have ever seen in my life
Hannsikaa : thank u so much

Dhoni2 : have u seen Jaani Dushman?
Hannsikaa : hahahaha

neal : if u have an offer from hollywood ,would u accept???
Hannsikaa : depends

Afghan Idol : What would be your reaction if you recieve best actress award for AKS
Hannsikaa : i wud be thankful to all of u because its all becoz of ur love

aditya : your best role ever was "Kareena" of Hum2 hain na
Hannsikaa : ya...even i like it

bibhu : if u got a chance to be the pm of india wht will u do??just one thing
Hannsikaa : remove corruption...everything else wud be solved

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