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Himesh chats with film lovers... Contd.

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ANU : You were superb in the movie especially in the emotional scenes...And the songs are mind blowing
Himesh Reshammiya : thank you pls go watch my movie again

sk : Did Mallika throw attitude on the sets?
Himesh Reshammiya : mallika is a professional and fun to work with

HR : did u speak to emraan hashmi before awarapan?
Himesh Reshammiya : i spoke to emraan hashmi before awarapan

priy : is hansika promoting the film. i cannot see her?
Himesh Reshammiya : hansika will promote the film from next week because we wanted to character of ria to be enigmatic before the film

luisfigoin : hi himesh .... u rock .. heard u got some issues with salman .. (am sure .. they r rumours .. ) but wud lyk to hear tht frm u
Himesh Reshammiya : i dont have any problems with salman, there is no problem whatsoever

Rocky : r u in touch with Pritam?
Himesh Reshammiya : pritam is a friend

Fenil Seta : Hello Himesh, I am Fenil from Mumbai. What do you enjoy the most-singing or composing?
Himesh Reshammiya : singing, composing, acting - all 3

bong babe : We want Hanssika and HR as an eternal love jodi on the silver screen .. !!!!!!! Just cudn't get enough of you both in APS... is APS2 really happening..???
Himesh Reshammiya : aap ka suroor 2 is confirmed, its happening

jeetu : r u married ?
Himesh Reshammiya : Yes

bong babe : Who was your life's first crush Himeshji??
Himesh Reshammiya : my first crush was in school, a girl called priya

Himani : Himesh, plzzz tell me why vinit still hasnt sung in 25 albums, we are almost two years further :(
Himesh Reshammiya : vinit has already sung in dil diya, he will sing in my future films

Steena : hey Himesh, how did you like germany? hope you'll be coming back for a concert or two soon ;-)
Himesh Reshammiya : steena...it was gr8 shooting in germany but a concert will only happen after 3-4 months

priy : Pritam or Mithoon- the better composer?
Himesh Reshammiya : priy --- AR Rahman

sachin : y arent u taking singer abhijeet in your music?
Himesh Reshammiya : we'll try and work it out with abhijeet in some of my future albums

London chick : how did it feel to be acting with a girl sooo much younger then you?? it became a hugee deal here in london so im jus curious..?
Himesh Reshammiya : hansika is already done one film and she is 16 so i dont think she is a child anymore

Varun_seh : himesh bhai big fan of urs.....r u currently acting in some films??...i want to see you in more movies
Himesh Reshammiya : yes im planning to do more films

Shahwani : How important is love in life ?
Himesh Reshammiya : shahwani... love is the most imp thing in my life

YK : hey himesh...awesome movie but one question...why didn't you reveal why you wear the hat?
Himesh Reshammiya : YK.. the cap mystery will be revealed in the sequel

Rotiwala : May God bless u Himesh... hope that Aks sequel will be a bigger hit than ur first film...
Himesh Reshammiya : thanks everyone for your love... God Bless You

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