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Himesh Reshammiya reveals it all

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    By: Joginder Tuteja, IndiaFM
    Friday, July 27, 2007
    Successful composer, successful singer, successful actor - this is Himesh Reshammiya for you. He has proved his prowess as an actor through Aap Ka Suroor. He has tasted enough of success but he is still the same as a person. Now, he speaks about his debut film and much more.

    Successful composer. Successful singer. And now a successful actor. How did it all fit in?
    I sincerely believe in the power of divine force. There is nothing possible without it. Being talented is one thing, being aided by a divine force is different. If only talent worked in this industry, what would explain the number of flops where far more talented people have come together to create a product? Once you work on making a film, you realize that it is not just talent or hard work which makes you deliver goods. There is an element of spirituality which makes you start working 18 hours a day. You start working like a genius and things start falling in place by themselves.

    It was also heartening to see industry coming in your support.
    I will be always indebted to them. I had never imagined such encouraging words from them both before and after the release of the film. They all stood up for me and prayed together to make this film a success. There have been good suggestions on how I can further improve in my upcoming films and I accept them wholeheartedly.

    What are the areas of improvements you have identified for yourself?
    I need to be more expressive in light hearted scenes. In Aap Ka Suroor I was quite poker faced and had to say most of my comic dialogues with a straight face. I have to improve that aspect of mine.

    How about dancing?
    Certainly, I have to work on that. In my next film if I am required to dance, I will make sure that I practice hard for months and months on that. No half baked effort from me.

    But then you did dance to Mithun da's 'Jeena Bhi Kya Hai Jaana'?
    [Laughs] Oh, that was impromptu. Prashant just asked me to dance like a man who is drunk. Now the trouble was that I don't drink so it was difficult for me to get into that mould. Prashant just explained the scene to me and asked me to enact like a man who is a little high about life and wants to enjoy the moment he was living. I got the gist of it and there I was dancing to Mithun da's tune.

    While talking to you, you still come across as the same old Himesh as you were a decade back when 'Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya' released, albeit a lot more confident. What makes you still so modest in spite of being a global rockstar?
    Dekhiye insaan ko ghamand nahi aana chahiye! Usse modest hi rehna chahiye aur ye dhyaan rakhna chahiye ki woh ek achcha insaan ho. Today I may be called as a rock-star but who knows about tomorrow? It is nature's law that what goes up has to come down. What would I do then? If I try to throw tantrums and have certain airs around me, how would I survive tomorrow if I don't enjoy the kind of success as I do today?

    Anyways, success seems to be following you for sure. One hears you have at least 3 more big projects up your sleeves.
    Yes, talks are going on and we should have an announcement soon. What I can assure is that these projects would be much bigger in scale and treatment than Aap Ka Suroor. People associated with these projects are the best in the business and you would realize that for yourself when the films are announced. In addition, I would also be seen in the sequel of Aap Ka Suroor.

    But would you continue to play Himesh Reshammiya in each of your films?
    [Says quickly] No ways. Even in Aap Ka Suroor, the only element from my life was that about my brother; otherwise it was all fictional. Apart from the film's sequel where I play HR again, the other films would see me play different characters. Also, it won't be necessary that I always play a composer or a singer. I don't think that there is any role I cannot play. It is just a matter of applying yourself, fine tune your edges and continue to improve with every film.

    Some may call this as a big statement to make.
    I would be happy if they do that. Yet again, no complains whatsoever. After all it is right of anyone to challenge an individual's statement. And till the time you are not challenged, how can you improve on your art? For proving that you have it in you to deliver, you need someone to say that 'no, you cannot'. If everyone said that 'Himesh, you are best in what you do and no one is better than you', what motivation would I have to reply back with better performance? I always believe that insaan mein josh aur himmat honi chahiye. If you have that, there is nothing which is not achievable.

    Your look continues to be the flavor of the season.
    And I can promise you that you would see a much improved Himesh Reshammiya in my next film. I am working on creating a superior look and a much better physique. By the time I am ready to face the camera again, we should have the results for everyone to see.

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