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Imaad is not interested in acting

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Courtesy: IndiaFM
Tuesday, March 27, 2007
With all the actor sons and daughters making their debut, here is another one in the making. Imaad Shah the son of the superlative actor Naseeruddin Shah who made his acting debut in a minuscule role in his father's film Yun Hota Toh Kya Hota will now be seen playing the lead role in Prakash Jha's upcoming film Dil Dosti etc.

The film is set in Delhi University. Imaad who has spent time in Delhi and also has a couple of friends studying in the university talks about the film "The film is about a few chaps in Delhi University who are trying to make sense of their environment, dealing with relationships and dealing with each other and their confusions and enjoyments that youth brings with it".

Imaad plays one of the chaps in the university and feels that his character is very close to real life as he too is still trying to figure out his options in life. "I play a spoilt guy from a rich family. Apart from that he is quite introvert and spends time with himself. He is also very interested in women like a lot of us are. To put it simply he likes to sleep with them. He understands checking out his relationships which are confusing to him".

Even after the trauma of the accident Imaad is angst-free and quite excitedly talks about the incidents while shooting for the film. "It was a lot of fun and we met a heap of characters from around the university. We had an interesting time in the Hindu college hostel. All of our costumes for the shoot got stolen. We were given our own home clothes as costumes, at least I had. And an entire collection of my clothes just vanished as the Hindi college boys decided to break into our room and take away things".

"I think Naseeruddin Shah has given his best performances on stage in the role of Vladimir in the play Waiting for Godo", says Imaad.

Ask him on how instrumental his parents have been in him taking up acting and Imaad replies, "My parents have been influential of course and one has to admit that one gets work because of certain context. I wish that wasn't the case but that is the case." So which is his favourite Naseeruddin Shah film? "I think he was very good in Sparsh, and then again in Bombay Boys he was interesting. But I think he has given his best performances on stage in the role of Vladimir in the play Waiting for Godo". And one film he feels his father shouldn't have done? "To be honest, heaps of them. But the one that comes to my mind is Zulm Ko Jala Doonga. But he has done a lot of films which he has felt miserable doing."

The one film I feel my father shouldn't have done is Zulm Ko Jala Doonga.
Will comparisons between him and his father affect his performances in any way? "Personally I think there aren't any comparisons. But I can't really bother myself about it. I think one should just stick to doing ones job and leave that to everybody else. I am not too interested in that department."

But if you are expecting the son of Naseeruddin Shah and Ratna Pathak to be very serious about taking up acting as a career option, you are quite mistaken. Only a film and a half old Imaad has already decided that acting isn't quite his foray. "Actually I am not awfully interested in acting. This project just happened by chance. I wasn't planning on doing acting projects and I don't think I am planning on doing too many in the future. Of course one needs to earn and fill the stomach so that's a priority. But acting is not number one in my list."

Imaad has no set plans for the future and just wants to explore his possibilities at the moment. "There are no more film projects. I am just hanging around right now. I might move my city to somewhere like Delhi or Pune. I am still a little displaced. I am also concentrating on healing myself as I had an accident some time back"

Does that mean we won't be seeing anymore of this talented man? Not really for if not acting he definitely promises a lot more. "I think the future will have some interesting creations of my own. I am hoping to make some films and do some music also."

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