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A damaged bridge - work in program... Contd.

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They are singers like Mehdi Hassain, Ghulam Ali and singers like the late Nazia Haasan and Nusrat Faten Ali Khan, the Sabri brothers, the internationally known 'qawaals', Salma Agha and latest singers like Ali Zafar and Amjed Sabri and some of their music groups have been in an out of India without any difficulty and have been applauded and welcomed by the so called enemy country, India. One of their groups has even scored a part of the music of an Indian film called Ek Chalis Ki Last Local with Abhay Deol and Neha Dhupia playing the key roles. The popular Pakistani television actor, singer and anchor person, Fakhr-E-Alam was seen in the recently released the Sanjay Dutt and Tabu starrer Sarhad Paar. He is in India looking out for more opportunities.

There are stars from Pakistan who have almost made India there are second home. Meera, the most popular female star in Pakistan, who was invited to India by Mahesh Bhatt and offered a leading role in one of his film, has come back to Bombay after completing her work in some Pakistani films and solving some major problem. She has bought or owns home in Mumbai, he has acquired all the necessary permission and licenses required to work in India and is sending out all the right feelers to all the right Hindi filmmakers, telling them that she is very much determined to make it in India.

Javed Sheikh, one of the pioneers of whatever the state of modern Pakistani films is, a leading actor, a producer and director short parts of his new film " Khule aasmaan ke neechey" on different location in Mumbai. Surprisingly, he has been receiving some very good offers from Hindi filmmakers and he has accepted some of them and has been in Mumbai since the last three months. Sheikh who is a popular name in Pakistan and a friend of General Pervez Musharraf has tried to impress his opinion on the General about the importance of the exchange of film and the visits of filmmaker between the two countries and is waiting for what he is hopeful will have a positive response. Mahesh Bhatt has been one Indian filmmaker who has been relentlessly making efforts to repair the damaged bridge. He and his daughter Pooja have been making regular trips to Pakistan and exchanging opinion with filmmaker and bureaucrats. They have been regularly taking part in the Kara Film Festival held in Karachi. Mahesh has made it his mission to bring the two film industry together which he feels could be the beginning of many other changes in other field. He is not in a mood to give up his efforts and will try till his dream is fulfilled, he said.

And only some weeks ago there was a major ray of hope when Naseeruddin Shah accepted an offer to play a leading role in a Pakistani film called In the Name of God and found the experience very exciting and hoped there were many other such efforts made on both side. "It is possible if only these politicians do not come in the way," he says. Right now there is popular Indian actor Nandita Sen is busy shooting for a film in Pakistan. I know of several big filmmakers planning to shoot their films in Pakistan. It is still a very delicate situation. Things cannot improve in the way dreamers want them to because these are days when politicians take all the vital decisions for people in any field of life. I am an optimist and a very great dreamer and I can only hope and dream that the damaged bridge is repaired and renovated and even made shorter because on that bridge depends so much of the future of the growth of relationships between the two countries whose people have still the same kind of heart beats and feelings. They only have to be brought together that would be one of the greatest happenings in modern day history and Hindi films will be remembered as one of the pillars on which the bridge bringing the two countries together was built on.


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