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"I'm not much of a movie watcher" : Jaideep Sahni

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idevert : can i send you a basic outline for a sci-fi which if you like can turn into a screenplay
Jaideep Sahni : thanks idevert, you're welcome to send your idea to yrf film development division as long as it's registered and atleast at a step outline level. please mark it to my colleague nandini arora

zorif : is there any story in your mind specially for SRK???
Jaideep Sahni : i'd love to work with shahrukh again zorif--unfortunately he leaves you completely spoilt with his contribution and you feel it'd be like this everytime

sudhir : hi jaideep, i liked the way you wrote chak de, especially the scene whr srk tries to unite to unite the team
Jaideep Sahni : thanks Sudhir.

Veerudeep : Are you happy with the way Shimit has executed your script ?
Jaideep Sahni : yes verudeep, i am more than happy--i am grateful.

Singh Is King : Keep It Up YoOo! Rock On
Jaideep Sahni : thanks singh

grahambell : khosla ka ghosla was a masterpiece
Jaideep Sahni : thanks grahambell, kkg was my poor little polio child which made a name for itself. i'm very fond and proud of it. all of us in the crew and cast are. grahambell : i am an aspiring filmmakers..., i ve 2 short films 2 my credit.... wish 2 work wit u sum day

KABIR KHAN : Did u find difficult to write on sports topic?
Jaideep Sahni : i was fortunate to get the time and support from both the studio and the hockey players and coach Kaushik to be able to research the story and the issues well before writing the drafts--i guess because of that and the talents of Shimit and the wonderful crew he assembled--sudeep (dop), rob miller (sports action consultant), mandira and team (costumes), sukant and team (sets), the players mir negi, rahul, satnam (sports coaching), dr adithya shetty (sports medican specialist), teh AD team--ashimi, richa, vicky , sherena, assoc dir karan kashyap, lp bhushan and his team, ep aashish singh--there as so many people who's talents are behind the film as you saw it. i'm just one of them. not to mention the girls who gave it all day after day under extremely gruelling conditions.

Veerudeep : i have also heard that a part of the chak de story is
real life inspired from a hockey player's life who resides at Wadala in mumbai...how true is this??
Jaideep Sahni : no verudeep. i guess you are talking about mir ranjan negi. neither the script nor the film was written to be a biopic on him or anybody else but when he joined us as the hockey coach of the cast he read the script and was very moved. it was then we realised our storyremonded him of some things that happened in his past. we are all a very close knit crew and feel very special because in a small way due to our film negi got some sort of justice, and perhaps an apology which the nation owes to a fine player like him. though most of what i understood and tried to deal with in the script about a coach's job and challenges comes from my time in the research hangning out with national coach maharj krishan kaushik who is the man behind the rise of the indian womens hockey team

idevert : what's the name of actor who played Krishna Ji... she was very good...
Jaideep Sahni : the actor who played Krishnaji so well is Vibha Chibber. She is a professional theatre ands film actress and we were very fortunate that she decided to become a part of this film

umer : hows your equation with Adi Chopra?
Jaideep Sahni : he's a senior colleague and a close friend umer. all of us at the studio are pretty close to him.

ikramsk : bonjour jaideep c'est comment de travailler avec srk ? chak de india est un suces
Jaideep Sahni : me only know english, hindi, punjabi and hyderabadi ikramsk

HUSSAIN : Your story is always related with social issue?
Jaideep Sahni : like all writers i feel happy if while earning a living i am able to relate my work to what's happening around me hussain. doesn't happen very often i guess, but when it does, it's very satisfying

proneet : what would be your reaction if any producer or director asked u to lift a movie frm a hollywood film which is quite a norm in hindi films
Jaideep Sahni : i would politely decline proneet, unless i'm starving, which atleast as of now i'm not fortunately

proneet : hi jaideep congratulations on the success of chak de
Jaideep Sahni : thanks for the compliment guys--they don't belong just to me rally. In my small career of six films I have never seen a script so whole the entire cast and crew, and have never seen so many people work so hard for so long to prepare and film a script. eartedly adopted

khosla : do u think bunty and babli is a good movie
Jaideep Sahni : it was good for us khosla. we wre trying to form an entertaining bridge between small towns and big towns because both shad and i feel very bullish on our small town youth and felta bout it strongly. we chose a form that we felt would celebrate their hunger to achieve and their energy and perhaps throw some light on what would happen if they don't get the same opportunities as their big city counterparts. we thing we were able to draw the country's and more importantly the media's attention towards them for some time atleat, so our job was dome well by the standards we set for ourself.

inder : Plzz tell me abt ur next ventures
Jaideep Sahni : i'm scratching around on a few ideas right now, spending most of my time researching, reading and meeting people--let's see which one grows into something worthwile.

james : hi its great that you are one scriptwriter today who is able to get his name along side the producers and directors in same size of fonts . the last scriptwriters who were able to do that were salim-javed .
Jaideep Sahni : yes james, though a lot of credit for this also goes to the producers and directors i worked with

ZZZZ DON} : what do you think you of CDI success, is it hit , super hit or average
Jaideep Sahni : i don't know don, it's still running so i guess we will know after a few weeks, though the my distribution colleagues are already celebrating, so i guess it must be prretty good

: do u think rgv's aag will hot the box office?
Jaideep Sahni : anything rgv does is going to be special james

CHAK DE! : Jiadeep is it true there was some tension between SRK and Shimit?
Jaideep Sahni : no chak de!, both shahrukh and shimit are not the kind of people who have such things. it's quite funny a publication thought that and printed it--i guess all of us were too busy in post prod and there was a curiosity about the movie so they had to print something so they printed the first rumour they heard

ayush : did you face any kinda problems while you were researching on the script?im sure you must have because the story shows the effort and hardwork that went into it and it has come out to be a huge success............
Jaideep Sahni : yes there was a lot of research Chak de! but research is never difficult, it's always a pleasure. since writing is largely a lonely job, i look forward to the two parts i like best--researching and readings with the actors, because both are new beginnings in a way, and very enjoyable

CHAK DE! : how did u pich such a complex story about HOCKEY ??a neglected game and YASH RAJ have put so much money on the project??
Jaideep Sahni : getting the studio to support the subject was the easiest part of the whole thing chak de !

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