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Jiah Khan chats with fans

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Suhaani : How was it like when you met Orlando Bloom?
Jiah Khan : orlando was amazing

Rish85 : tell us about ur equation with the bhatts and anurag basu? u were supposed to debut in their film.
Jiah Khan : mr bhatt is great...and fab filmaker

priya : u signed another movie?
Jiah Khan : will be signing next week

moses sapir : Amitabh as don ya sharukh?
Jiah Khan : amitabh

abhinav : do u like the song jiah jale?
Jiah Khan : the song jiah jale is sooo sexy its my favourite

moses sapir : Ur childhood fave movie is??
Jiah Khan : rangeela and the devils advocate

coolvineet : r u aiming to get an award
Jiah Khan : i dont think i will get an award

Dolly_Bolly : pls say hi to my spastic brother who i love so much... or else...!!!
Jiah Khan : hi dolly bolly's brother :)

jhinga khan : describe your perfect man
Jiah Khan : my perfect man would be prince charming

Dolly_Bolly : do u like the colour red
Jiah Khan : i love red

moses sapir : Ur fave singer is????????????..???
Jiah Khan : my fav singer is aaliyah

moses sapir : Karan johar ya aditya chopra??
Jiah Khan : karan and adi together

arvind : hi jiah, first congratulations for great work in nishabd and u have actually inspired me to do something in life
Jiah Khan : thank u arvind

jyothaz : jiah u luked absolutely stunning in da movie as well as off screen..congratz 4 tat
Jiah Khan : thank u so much jyothaz

RP : jiah, u were awesome in nishabd...&to stand out in a bachchan film is no mean achievement. congrats&look forward to seeing more of you in future
Jiah Khan : thank u sweet rp

abhinav : do u like hrithik roshan
Jiah Khan : hrithik is great..a very thourough actor...i love to read

Sana : Jiah you are one hell of a gorgeous lady and also an inspiration to young 17 year olds like me. Love ya darling!!
Jiah Khan : thank u sana what a beautiful compliment

Suhaani : Jiah, if I'm living in Europe and want to pursue a career in Bollywood, what advice would u give me??
Jiah Khan : go to acting school. and destiny will take its course

achu14all : r u plannin to come to kerala
Jiah Khan : we shot nishabd in kerala

Dolly_Bolly : jiah my sister diti cant stop staring at ur photos...i somehow find that weird
Jiah Khan : haha

jeop : whats ur advise to young newcomers
Jiah Khan : to believe in ur talent

moses sapir : Which amitabh charecter u like in the last 6 years?
Jiah Khan : his character vijay in nishabd

Sana : How has your experience been living in Mumbai? Are you missing ur home?
Jiah Khan : i miss home but now mumbai is my home

abhishek : Hi jiah, i hav seen nisabh..and i think u hav pulled it quite well..Luked sexy too..Loved the way u say "I lov it i love it"
Jiah Khan : hahah i hate the way i said "i love it i love it"

salam khan : hi jiah when is ur birthday
Jiah Khan : 20th feb is my bday

Dolly_Bolly : hasnt aaliyah passed away? ?
Jiah Khan : yes she has i loved her so much

jai : jiah what you like india?
Jiah Khan : i love the indian people

ibz79 : i was spellbound by ur very 1st per4mance
Jiah Khan : thank u so much for being spellbound...it so surreal to hear that

priya : which is the actress who has the most style
Jiah Khan : the actress with most style is preity

jai : do u consider mallika sherawat a threat?
Jiah Khan : mallika is way older than me and much sexier there is no comparison

moses sapir : In Israel we loved ur work in nishabd
Jiah Khan : my best friend is frm israel and so was my ex

khan : jiah boys in Afghanistan just love u so do u wana visit Afghanistan sometime?
Jiah Khan : i will def come to afghanistan..if i get a chance

Aryan : You look gorgeous in Nishabd. Does it affect u that the film is a box office Flop?
Jiah Khan : not at all cause i was appreciated

jyothaz : whu is ur role model??
Jiah Khan : my mother is my role model

sea : your favourite star
Jiah Khan : my fav star is mr b

Diteeeeee : jiah i love u... love u sooooooooooooooooooo very much... muah... jiah jale
Jiah Khan : thnk u

Vik : hi jiah, where are you from? have you been to dubai?
Jiah Khan : i love dubai
Jiah Khan : im frm london

arvind : amitji and u were great
Jiah Khan : thank u darling

ibz79 : where in london r u from? where did u stay?
Jiah Khan : i live in chelsea

aaj : at wat age u decided to join da world of films
Jiah Khan : at the age of 3

Diteeeeee : comments on indiaFM?
Jiah Khan : india fm is the best site

tanmoy : you were aussie in nishabd and i am aussie
Jiah Khan : australia is great

aditi : u ve seen delhi????
Jiah Khan : yup i come to delhi quite a bit infact im on the cover of delhi times

ibz79 : ur idea of a dream vacation?
Jiah Khan : my best vacation spot is st tropez

anmol : given a chance, would u like to work wid mr. bacchan again?
Jiah Khan : definitely

preeti : ur hair is maddd...im trying to grow mine aswell since long hair is in now
Jiah Khan : oil it and wash it with beer

CHOTU : Jiah mam, will you leave this chat room without saying hi to your biggest fan who is ready to do anything for you..i waited like crazy for this evening mam..plzzzzzz dont disappoint me..say hi little one...
Jiah Khan : hi chotu wat a cute name u have

Amitabh : Hey jiah I liked the torn distressed shorts u had put on in ur movie whose choice ???
Jiah Khan : my choice all the clothes were my own

aaj : u like shahrukh or aamir khan
Jiah Khan : both aamir and srk

abdullah : which khan u find hot?????
Jiah Khan : all 4 khans

preeti : r u from usa?
Jiah Khan : i was born in NY usa

YEDA_PRAVEEN : will you go for coffee with me
Jiah Khan : i dont drink coffee sweetie

Nishabd : y do u think ur real name Nafisa is not sexy and Jiah is???
Jiah Khan : cos jiah has an oomph factor nafisa is normal

the great : hey jiah im Malik will u marry me?
Jiah Khan : im too young to get married

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