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Jiah Khan chats with fans

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Courtesy: IndiaFM
Wednesday, March 14, 2007
She made a sensational debut in Nishabd where she was seen romancing Amitabh Bachchan. With grace, style and oomph, she has made her entry in Bollywood. IndiaFM brought her into your homes with a live celebrity chat where she spoke about her background, future projects and on working with Mr. Bachchan himself. Here are excerpts from the chat.

amit : hi jiah
Jiah Khan : hhhhhii

moses sapir : Why u chooz jiah as ur name
Jiah Khan : cos jiah is a sexy name

moses sapir : Helo jia all the best from Israel
>moses sapir : How it was work with amitabh after all he is big b
Jiah Khan : btw the way i loooove israel! mr bachchan was so mesmerising

moses sapir : U like amitabhs song rozana?
Jiah Khan : i love rozana

Dolly_Bolly : hi jiah do u work out regularly?
Jiah Khan : i work out twice a week

coolvineet : r u happy after nishabd
Jiah Khan : im very very happy :)

priya : what r ur future projects?
Jiah Khan : i will find out abt upcoming projects next week

moses sapir : U have a goog voice-u must sing in ur up coming also
Jiah Khan : if the producers let me sing i will
Jiah Khan : i love singing

jhinga khan : you're really really hot
Jiah Khan : thanks

Dolly_Bolly : im madly in love with u... and im a girl
Jiah Khan : thank u all so much i love u all too

priya : which is the actor with whom you would like to work
Jiah Khan : all the khans! haha

jhinga khan : were you nervous about your very first projct?
Jiah Khan : i was extremly nervous

Dolly_Bolly : wats ur real name?
Jiah Khan : my real name is a secret :)

jhinga khan : how do you react to criticism, good and bad
Jiah Khan : i guess i react normally.. im sensitive but everyone is entitled to their own opinion

amitabhfan : Where did you inherit those sexy legs from Jiah?
Jiah Khan : my legs i guess from sharon stone haha

dollyditi : have u taken any formal traning in acting
Jiah Khan : yes i went to lee strasberg

Dolly_Bolly : wat is ur personal style: designer / casual / street / other
Jiah Khan : my fav designer is dolce and gabbana and jitrois

jai : jiah lovely forfomance
Jiah Khan : thank u

tayyab : Ms. Jiah, didnt you felt Uncomfortable for the Kiss scene with Big b in Nishabd ?
Jiah Khan : no im a professional so the kiss scene was neccessary in the script...

moses sapir : Rgv the person ya rgv the director?
Jiah Khan : rgv the director cos thats all i know abt him...ive only seen him as my director

Shah* : how old r u? i dont think ur so young
Jiah Khan : im 19 now

moses sapir : What u think about abhishek as an actor?
Jiah Khan : abhishek is a wonderful actor

Amitabh : tell me y do u think nishabd didnt work?
Jiah Khan : nishabd was appreciated by the mature and intellectual audience ...and far as we're concerned it was wonderful

RGV : whats the secret of ur beautiful hair?
Jiah Khan : beautiful hair is in the genes maybe

coolvineet : tell us about ur mother... i believe she too was an actress
Jiah Khan : yes my mother was an actress

jai : how do u fell when people like you?
Jiah Khan : i feel very happy when people like me

moses sapir : there was speculation that ur doing sanjay gadhvi's next film. true?
Jiah Khan : sanjay approached me for a film but it wasn't right for me at this time

amitabhfan : Lee Strasberg??? WOW! Are you a fan of the Godfather movies by any chance??
Jiah Khan : i love coppola

milind soman : how was it kissing big B?
Jiah Khan : kisses mr b was normal

coolvineet : do u liked movies when u were young
Jiah Khan : movies were my oxygen

tayyab : Jiah! hoping to see you in another Sexier role :)
Jiah Khan : haha im not doing sexy roles

Dolly_Bolly : whats your zodiac sign
Jiah Khan : pisces


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