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"Yahan is my fav movie" Jimmy Sheirgill

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Riya : If you have to change one thing in you what it is.
Jimmy Sheirgill : there r so many things i wanna change riya, where do i start?

Riya : Compliment which you can't forget???
Jimmy Sheirgill : after ek lavya, people telling me to only do negative roles

dimond!! u have suchhhh a nice smileee!!!! which toothpaste do u usee????
Jimmy Sheirgill : im here to interact with u all n not for brand endorsement

Ram : hi jimmy...my question is that whether nowadays all the creative ideas for movies are drenched out? thats why everyone is making re-makes of old hits....in near future a time may come that only re-makes will be made...if such a situation comes.....which would be your dream role in ur dream re-make film?
Jimmy Sheirgill : amitabh bachchan's role in shakti

Arwa : is ur wife from da film faterity
Jimmy Sheirgill : no she's not arwa

PRIYA64 : what are ur on the celebrity show BIG BROTHER.. would you go for it if u were offered?
Jimmy Sheirgill : no i wld not do big brother

mary : at the moment bollywood is jus full of these stars n directors, producers children. don u think this is undermining the potential of industry n several others wth far more talent facing huge problems coz of this plaguing trend?
Jimmy Sheirgill : no not at all mary

Arwa : jimmy u dun seem to apear in interviews ?? n e special reason ? plz do ans
Jimmy Sheirgill : well i appear in interviews closer to the release of my films

Aseel : what is your fav himesh song ?
Jimmy Sheirgill : 'zara jhoom jhoom' from tom dick n harry

spiderpig : do u think the change in your surname as helped u as an actor???
Jimmy Sheirgill : no i dont think so spiderpig

jasu : how old ru
Jimmy Sheirgill : 36 yrs old

spiderpig : how different are you when ur home and on d sets?
Jimmy Sheirgill : im an actor on the sets and husband n a father at home

desi21 : Having worked with Sanjay Dutt in the Munnabhai series... have you kept in touch with him during this time and do you think that Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan both receieved tough verdicts in their respectice cases.
Jimmy Sheirgill : yes i think they have recieved tough verdicts.

kaliwala : what you say about shahrukh khan movie chak de india
Jimmy Sheirgill : chak de is a very nice movie

PRIYA64 : amongst all the playback singers.. whose voice do u think suits u the best?
Jimmy Sheirgill : sonu nigam n shaan

Arwa : jimmy ur hairdo in victoria 203 is awesum
Jimmy Sheirgill : thank u so much arwa

chintan : when do u think, u can b'cum an 'A' grade star
Jimmy Sheirgill : when destiny has it

kalu_soni : i wonder how cute u was as a child if ur this much now wowww i cant imagine!! plesse tell indiafm to show me ur childhoodpics!!!!
Jimmy Sheirgill : will tell them to at some point

Romesh : Jimmy, Have you ever been to Dubai? Do you Like it there
Jimmy Sheirgill : yes, i have been to dubai many times. i love dubai

Pokiri : which movie are u waitin for this year
Jimmy Sheirgill : strangers n wednesday

caji : i think ur debute movie is maachis right
Jimmy Sheirgill : yes it is

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