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Kangana Ranaut gets Metro wise

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Wednesday, May 09, 2007
Gangster girl Kangna Ranaut plays an ambitious BPO executive from Mumbai in her next film Metro who comes from a small town but wants to make it big in the city of dreams. "She is a practical girl but there is a very emotional side to her as well like any another women", says Kangna about her multifaceted character. She sports a bespectacled look in the film with short hair, tight skirts, seducing blouse and very tight jackets all the time. "I play a working girl in Metro. You will never find working girls with long hair because they have very hectic schedules which make it difficult to manage long hair."

So this hairstyle was essentially for Metro. How did she manage shooting for other movies simultaneously? "This is what we actors have to sacrifice - on so many things. In my recent film Shaka Laka Boom Boom I had to straighten my hair everyday. We actors have to take extra care of our skin and hair. This is the price you have to pay to be a star."

And how much does she relate to her character in Metro? "Well it is very easy to make this delusion in your mind, that there are similarities in you and your character and that this character is like me. What I feel honestly is that there are no similarities. One never finds two people alike. We all are different. We all have two eyes, two ears and one nose but still in every way we are individuals and it will be very wrong to compare two individuals. I do not relate to any of my characters. Neha is a different personality altogether. I treat her like a different individual. I never mix two people. But when I am into Neha's clothes, I behave like her, talk like her and think like her. So you will not find a single trace of Kangana in my character".

Ask her about her director Anurag Basu and she only has praises to mouth. "Anurag is a very special director in everyway because he is the one who taught me everything from A of acting to whatever I know till date. Generally you do feel insulted sometimes when directors shout at you on the sets in front of twenty people; you do feel awkward when they do not approve of your suggestions and ideas. But in Anurag's case there is nothing like this and he is always welcome to disapprove anything that I have done".

So which Metro city does she like the most? "I like the film industry in Mumbai and the theatre in Delhi. I have been to Kolkatta but I do not connect to the city much". What does she hate about the three metros? "I don't like the gutters in Mumbai. It is very embarrassing when our friends from other countries come to visit us and see the narrow streets, roads and the potholes. Again for Delhi it would be the same, the airport is very congested. I do not have any idea of what problems people face in Kolkatta."

Which is the most liberal city in India for women according to her? "That should be Mumbai". And the most emotional city? "It is the people who are emotional and not cities. I have seen most humble and nice people at unexpected places. I come from a village where you expect people to be very humble and emotional but the culprit who threw acid on my sister's face also belongs to the same place. In Mumbai when I came here people supported me for no reason. So it all depends." You come from a small town. Which city do you feel at home the most? "It would be Mumbai again".

Mumbai was called the rudest city recently. Does she agree? "I don't think people in Mumbai are rude deliberately but their language is not very sweet. The Mumbai language is rather strange. On the other hand the language people use in Himachal is so sweet. But one cannot blame Mumbai people for that. Language depends on many factors like the geography, weather and other things."

Finally does she believe that metropolitan life induces people to have more affairs like what her character indulges into in Metro? "In this film I have an affair with a person who is older to me. Metropolitan cities deal with extra ordinary emotions, life is very different and complicated. Life is difficult in metros and stressful and also it is not a very normal lifestyle we have in metros. So yes there are chances of affairs", she laughs off with a wicked gleam in her eyes.

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