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Get close and personal with Katrina

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ali : Hi, I am torkmany. You are really nice, do you enjoy working with akshay kumar?
Katrina Kaif : yes, i think akshay is a very nice n fun person..

mit : well u n akshay r just too good onscreen...n e more movies u coming together...?
Katrina Kaif : yes ,..anees bazmee's Welcome with akshay

dani gul : when is Partner releasing?
Katrina Kaif : at the moment partner will be releasing in July

Janu : kats ur a calm person or hot-tempered ?
Katrina Kaif : very calm ...unless around a person who makes me angry

Naz : im really looking forward to Namaste London
Katrina Kaif : thanku n me too..hav great hopes for Namastey london

Amit : i wanna b an actor n b a part of bollywood..watz da best way do u recommend to enter it??
Katrina Kaif : everyone has their own way...modelling helps in getting visibility

Shahwani : Given a chance will you direct a movie ?
Katrina Kaif : yes i wud luv to direct...comin up with ideas for stories...most of which nobody likes..

dingdong : are u doing any concerts this year ?
Katrina Kaif : i m not sure yet..

rahul : which cricketer do you like?
Katrina Kaif : i think irfan pathan is cute...

TJ GILLAn : are coming to canada for a show ever?
Katrina Kaif : hope so

lolo_girl : do u like kids??
Katrina Kaif : yes i hav 6 sisters..

nitesh : did u like KANK?
Katrina Kaif : yes i very much liked KANK. People shud not be hypocrite... they shud accept the reality on screen, i m sure there r many scenarios like KANK

Shahwani : Where do you rate yourself as an actress from 1/10 and 10 being the best
Katrina Kaif i think b able to rate me in few years..

moses sapir : what u think about salman khan after all he gave us deewar -sholay-shakti-don-trishul etc
Katrina Kaif : please correct urself it shud be Salim Khan who has written scripts for all these movies

Salman Khan : Will you ever work with Abhishek and Vivek?
Katrina Kaif : i have already worked with abhishek, n i dont think i will work with Vivek

nitesh : are u friendly wid brother-in-law sohail
Katrina Kaif : Sohail is not my brother in law, but when we meet each other we constantly beat each other up..

sodhi_sir : katrina wats the best part abt namastey london - best scene
Katrina Kaif : probably before the interval scene

Dawar : wud u ever act in bond movie - if given a chance
Katrina Kaif : yes i wud work in bond movie

E : do u prefer staying in mumbai or london?
Katrina Kaif : mumbai is my home

Mahtab : dont u think u r evolving as a better actress with every movie?
Katrina Kaif : i certainly hope so, but i learn a lot from every film

mit : which is your best couple...hrithik-suzzane, SRK-gauri or amitji-jayaji
Katrina Kaif : kajol n ajay

ankit : katrina, i heard that in real life you are very humorous! is that true?
Katrina Kaif : if i am comfortable around me then most of the time i m joking...

Shahwani : If you were not an actress you would be... ?
Katrina Kaif : if not an actress then too many things...

mehreen : hey katrina wht is ur zodiac sign???
Katrina Kaif : Cancer

Lonestar : kevin frm mauritius - why you do such less films?
Katrina Kaif : actually i hav done 4 films last year, but due to circumstances beyond my control they will b releasing this year

pari : do u believe in numerology and tarot
Katrina Kaif : sometimes i believe..

kish : i think hrithik will be perfect match 4 u in any movie
Katrina Kaif : Pls write to Hrithik n tell him

Salkat : hi Kat, u rock gal love ur work, is marriage something u may look into in the near future?
Katrina Kaif : i think i m too young right now for marriage

leila : being an actress is life tough? wat abt media bothering u
Katrina Kaif : u have to take the good with the bad ..but all n all it is not too terrible

nitesh : U like dancing?
Katrina Kaif : yes i like dancing

boom : To whom do you owe your current success in bollywood?
Katrina Kaif : to GOD

TJ GILLAn : katrina have you ever thought of hollywood ! i think u have international looks
Katrina Kaif : may be one day lets see....

nitesh : hey do u have any pets?
Katrina Kaif : no pets

nitesh : u like bungee jumping?
Katrina Kaif : no bungee jumping for me!

BOBBY : Have you ever been in Washington DC?
Katrina Kaif : yes have to Washington dc many year ago

ankit : I am a great fan of Mahatma Gandhi and when i saw the movie "Gandhi", I was imagining you in the role of Miss Slade (Mirabehn). If given an opportunity, would you consider doing such roles?
Katrina Kaif : yes i wud luv to do more realistic cinema in near future

mehreen : hey katrina whts ur height nd how do u maintain ur figure???
Katrina Kaif : 5'9"

priya : being an actress do u ever lose the real katrina?
Katrina Kaif : i dont think so priya...i am surrounded by people who wud not let that happen

Aryan : Hey Kat, You're really gorgeous! I loved ur performances in Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya
Katrina Kaif : thank u aryan...i think u will find me diff in namastey London

Katrina Kaif : thank u all for coming. i appreciate ur response! Please write me the feedback when u go n watch namastey london which i hope u all will....


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