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"Arjun Rampal is my cousin brother" : Kim Sharma

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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Kim first started her career with modeling, she is also the brand ambassador of Olay in India. Kim caught the eye of producer Aditya Chopra, and he signed her for Mohabbatein. Tom Dick and Harry has been her best performance till date, so she claims. She sizzled in the film, Heyy Babyy although it was a special appearance. She is all ready and waiting for the release of her upcoming film, Chhodon Naa Yaar.

Nazima: Hi Kim. A big Hello all the way From London
Kim Sharma: hi all

PARVEEN: does u like to do negative role or positive roles?
Kim Sharma: I guess it depends on the character. Both are equally fun to play. Audiences favor positive but i think negative is more challenging.

Jazib: do like football?
Kim Sharma: i like the footballers

kimmy : hi, Kim... you are beautiful.. How do u maintain yourself
Kim Sharma: i do not do much. However, i work out regularly, eat healthy, get enough sleep, drink lots of water n stay happy

PARVEEN: Are u and Preeti Jhangiani best friends?
Kim Sharma: We are very close. I have known her for 8 yrs now; she is a lovely person.

Melli: Hey Kim:) who is your favourite actor/actress ?
Kim Sharma: favorite actor would be Salman and favorite actress would be Sridevi

Kenny : Hi Kim, Would you consider playing an India bashing stereotypical character if a Hollywood studio offered you?
Kim Sharma: No

PARVEEN : do u think an actor needs a godfather to stay in an industry?
Kim Sharma: I would not know coz I do not have one. I am sure it does not harm but I do not have one.

K@m : You have disappeared for a long time. When can we expect to see you next
Kim Sharma: Chhodon naa yaar release by end of this month

Vishal S. : Hey Kim you look very hot in Hey Baby I know its only few minutes but I can tell You look smokin" hot
Kim Sharma: thank u

PARVEEN : I think u should"ve been one of the three heroines in the film "dil maange more" u were wasted in a small role?
Kim Sharma: u r smarter than the director parveen

Moses sapir : I think mohabbatein was the best Hindi movies in the last 7 years u agree.
Kim Sharma: yea of course, it was my debut film

Kenny : which one of your role you think was your best
Kim Sharma: I think my role in tom dick n Harry is the best

K@m : I really like your acting. You were sooooo cute in Mohabbatein. Now you have grown into a sex goddess. What have you learnt in those years?
Kim Sharma: In those yrs, I have learnt more about myself as an actor, to concentrate, to enjoy my work a lot more

dtrswjt : hi Kim how r u I am saif from the UK jus wanted two say when is ur film khaffa with jimmy shergil releasing and r u going to make any more films with shahid kappor
Kim Sharma: Hopefully Khaffa is coming next yr

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