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Is KJO really inviting controversies?

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By: Bhavna Chopra. IndiaFM
Tuesday, March 06, 2007
Well...if you haven't a clue then trust me dude you've tripped on the right piece of information but before I shoot off, lemme first understand where on earth have you been ? Aww.. I forgot you must have been busy or at least pretending to be...( lazy bean bags.. forever excused and all you Hollywood freaks, Boy Get a Life! ) but the 'thingie' is because of which you've lost on a hell lot of interesting dope and even if it isn't your kinds, it is something you can definitely snort on. So let's just not waste any more time, and catch up on all that you have missed on the inside circles of boisterous Bollywood ;) ( de-cafÉ and strongly filtered as your morning cuppa)

Hot news, latest fad, style statements, gyan mantras, achievements ..disappointments ..out here IndiaFM will keep ya in the loop ...
So get ready to get hooked

Oh GoD! It's Friday!!
RGV's much talked about, controversial film Nishabd got finally released last Friday, with reviews spread much before the due date and blood thirsty critics geared to slash it to shreds (read : indirect publicity breeding curiosity). But the question of the day is why can't we take the flick the way it is? Why introspect? If a 60 year Old man chooses to fall in love with an 18 year old chick, can you help it? Have you been asked to put senses into that man? The answer is NO! The director just wants you to see it as an un-amendable situation, his undergone emotions, and his perspective. Like it or Not, Take it or leave it, choice is eventually yours!

Yawn.. Hmm.. Ho hum !!
With Shilpa Shetty's Big Brother rival, Jade coming to town, there is a lot of brouhaha in the media circle, stuff like 'Shilpa isn't happy, Jade is here for publicity, Jade trying to impress Shilpa's Domain', is being said about the so called "Racist Brit". Well sweets, the point is if Shilpa is so dignity personified then why not go the 'ShEtty' way and be a lill more 'Goody'!

Well-Come Back
Call it the biggest co-incidence or a Bollywood karmic cycle, but the timing cannot be any less than Purrrrfect! Yester year's beauties, the dhak dhak girl of Film industry, Madhuri Dixit and the Chandni of Indian Cinema, Sridevi, both are making a comeback to the Big screen. Former will be seen in Yash Chopra's next Aaja Nach Le and latter in Hubby darling, Boney Kapoor's unnamed, upcoming big budget flick

Oops I did it again!!
Clean chit, sweet hearted, family boy KJO seems to be the trigger point for controversies and bitching in the filmy chakkar. With KANK's subject not well received by media and audience per se, KJO looked forward to his second innings of Koffee with Karan, hopping to get his amiable image back. But looks like in order to spice up the show he has opened the flood gates for the celebrities to get back at each other! For starters we had Fanaa Director Kunal Kohli on Black director, Sanjay Leela Bansali and vice versa. The recent being Kareena going all blatant on John Abraham, well folks will you give each other a break for Christ sake! Isn't Bollywwod suppose to be one "Big happy family"

Can't get enough of you

Abhi Ash
First it was the grapevine contemplating whether the two are together or not ? As hard as the duo tried to keep the brewing affair under wraps, the cat got out of the bag! And then began the vicious cycle of critics and industrywalas figuring out will it work or not? Skeletons were hauled from the closets and dirty linen washed in public to an extent of Kundli matching and overviews given on their astrological compatibility. But finally the A3B's Amitabh, Abhishek and Aishwariya (to be Bachchan) are seen having the last laugh as the paparazzi claims them to be the 'Best Bollywood couple'. Well now that the marriage is on cards with the venue all decided and invites getting printed, the love birds are said to be getting impatient with D-Date.

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