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Lara Dutta loves working with Abhishek

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007
That Lara Dutta is a multi-faceted person was no secret. What with the actress being equally involved with modeling, acting and social work simultaneously; but now, Lara has revealed yet another facet of her creativity - she has actually turned scriptwriter!

Yes, the actress is set to give the scriptwriters a run for their money with her romantic-comedy that is now almost ready to be snapped up for taking. When quizzed about why Lara had kept this creative streak of her's a secret for so long. The actress smiles as she says, "There were two reasons - one, that I was not being able to decide in what format would I want to express my creativity i.e., whether I wanted to write a novel, write poetry or what. It was quit later that I zeroed in on writing a script and when I decided upon that, I didn't want to talk about it till the script was developed to a good extent, which it has now and hence I'm talking about it."

Well, not only does the fact that Lara is penning a script, a surprise, but what's even more surprising is that her script is a comedy; something that one could hardly associate with the lady, at least prima facie. "Why is that so?!" purrs the actress as she continues, "It's wrong to judge someone just from what they have essayed on screen. I love comedy!" "Though most people find it difficult to believe that I have a good comic streak, fact is, I do! That is what explains my presence in films like No Entry and Bhaagam Bhaag and now David Dhawan's Partner, which is a complete laugh-riot. In fact, through No Entry, I think my comic skill was very much exposed; so, it comes as quite a surprise that people should still feel amazed by the fact that I have penned a comedy. But truth is, I have. But apart from simply acting in comic capers, I thought why not combine it with my passion for writing and come up with a script?" says Lara who is eagerly awaiting Yashraj Production's Jhoom Barabar Jhoom in which she is playing a Pak-French girl and is paired with buddy Abhishek Bachchan after a long time since Mumbai Se Aaya Mera Dost.

"Though I can't speak much about my role since we are instructed so, it has been fun experimenting with a French accent in this film. I guess I'm becoming very linguistic-savvy after Zinda in which I had a treat brushing up on Punjab, which happens to be my native language!" she laughs, adding that it was a treat to work with AB Baby again. "He has improved leaps and bounds after Mumbai Se..., but at heart he still remains the Mr. Pouty with a heart of gold; a great buddy! He has come a long way since Mumbai Se... in terms of popularity but that has not made him haughty or inaccessible. While shooting for Jhoom...., we simply picked up our bonding from where we had left during Mumbai Se... as if the years in between did not exist at all " she exults.

Talking about Jhoom Barabar Jhoom, one can't help ask about the controversy that she and Abhishek Bachchan got embroiled in while shooting at Southall in London. "Well, we did not get embroiled in the controversy. The Indians locals had a problem with the foreign crew who were smoking in the parking-lot of a gurudwara but the issue got solved just as quickly. As for me and Abhishek, the crowds went crazy over us! In fact, that has been one of the toughest shooting experiences for me. We were mobbed like crazy but it was also so overwhelming to see people going bonkers over us!" said Lara who talks equally passionately about her involvement with the causes of female infanticide and HIV.

"I feel very strongly about these issues which are fast threatening to become catastrophes for India and the world in general. As an actor, I can influence at least some people to think about these issues, I'd take all the more pride in being an actor!" says Lara who is actively involved in UNFPA, Sri Sri Ravishankar Foundation (through which she spreads the message to the youth) and is now looking at taking up the cause of global warming.

However, it's not just work and no play for Lara who has been imbibing some gyaan about tarot in the interim period and has begun taking horse-riding sessions! "I have developed a fascination for tarot quite some time back but I'm not superstitious about it. I just like to read about it when time permits and look at it as a science that has connectivity between one's intuition and the other's will-power. As for horse-riding, that was something I wanted to take up since a long time, coming from the armed forces background that I come from.

I was recently on a trip to Barcelona which has the best equestrian gear in the world and I went berserk shopping for the same. I love to indulge myself once in a while," says the actress who stonewalls all queries about marriage.

"It amazes me to see people taking interest in my and Kelly's (Dorjee) relationship even after eight years of us being together. I think there are many more really important issues that if people take half as much interest in, the world would be a better place to live in!"

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