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Mallika's Hot Item Number

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By: Daliya Daspurkayastha
Friday, June 01, 2007
Mallika Sherawat is one such actress with whom controversies goes parallel. As she continues to make headlines through her outfits and blunt statements she has been tagged as the 'Controversy Queen of Bollywood'.

She also made news when she won a small role in a Jackie Chan's film The Myth where she appeared in "sexy" costumes. She made a widely publicized appearance at the Cannes Film Festival to promote The Myth.

Mallika is again in news for her raunchy jig dressed in revealing clothes for a song in Himesh Reshammiya 's debut film as Aap Ka Suroor.

This time we will see a different shade of Mallika where she will turn a bad woman and create misunderstandings between Himesh Reshammiya(the lead hero) and his love bird played by Hansika Motwani.

The main attraction of the movie will be the cult song 'Mehbooba Mehbooba' that will have Mallika doing a cabaret act like Helen in Ramesh Sippy's movie Sholay.

Lots of effort is being made on the costumes to make Mallika and the song glamorous and attractive. The song will be picturised in a very stylish way. It will have two parts. In the first part Mallika will dress up with a gypsy skirt (with frills) and a tiny, colorful blouse specially designed by Ashley Rebello, and will be seen dancing against the backdrop of tents (like Helen's song).

The second half of the song will depict the the interiors of a casino. For this portion Rebello is designing a translucent black gown for Mallika. These raunchy dance will be choreographed by Saroj Khan and it will be a mixture of both Helen-like steps and cabaret dance.

Mallika will have a very sensuous look with smoky eyes and shiny skin. The man behind her new look will be Mickey Contractor. He is trying to show the viewers a new Mallika that they have never seen before.

The song will have the same melody as R D Burman's original composition. This time we will hear the new 'Mehbooba' song in Himesh Reshammiya's voice and the remix will be done by DJ Akbar Sami.

According to Himesh, the audience will go in ruptures to see the skimpily dressed Mallika dance to 'Mehbooba Mehbooba' in 'Aap Ka Suroor'.

Director Prashant Chadha is leaving no stone unturned to make Mallika's 'Mehbooba' number one item song. For that single song, he had worked on every angle, starting from choreography, costumes to music, make-up etc.

Time will tell whether this new Mehbooba will able to fade away the old Mehbooba from people's mind and leave an imprint forever.

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