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    Mallika seeks Love on Karan's Koffee

    By Super Admin

    Karan loves to serve his coffee 'hot'... and the next episode promises to be 'piping hot'! His first guest is saucy, sexy and sensational... She is the unofficial brand ambassador of the show, having been mentioned in practically each and every episode of the last season! This Sunday, meet the quote-a-minute, bold and brash, Mallika Sherawat.

    Karan's second guest is one of the finest filmmakers in Bollywood... a man behind many-a-masterpiece and Karan's favorite director, meet Sanjay Leela Bhansali only on Koffee with Karan. Watch this unusual combination together for the first time, in an exciting and entertaining tÊte-À-tÊte, this Sunday, February 25th at 9 p.m. on Star One and Star World!

    Excerpts from the interview

    Karan:Welcome to Koffee with Karan!!!

    Mallika: Thanks!

    Karan: So you are finally on the show. Everyone used to ask me when are you getting Mallika Sherawat on the show?

    Mallika: I've provided enough entertainment for Koffee with Karan. I've been made fun of... been ridiculed!

    Karan: No! No! That's not what used to happen!

    Mallika: Of course! That was it! You think I don't know!

    Karan: (Laughs)

    Mallika: No harm! I'm sitting here and as Robert De Niro said, "You didn't knock me down! I'm still standing!"

    Karan: You were always the option when we asked the men, who was the sexiest woman they thought.. The answer was always you! You think you were a safe option for them?

    Mallika: I think I am a woman who dared!

    Karan: Oh really?

    Mallika: Yes! Probably that's why the answer... but I take it as a compliment.. as a big compliment...

    Karan: What else can she ask for and when people say things about her and about her being honest and controversial... What do you have to say about that?

    Sanjay: I think... I just said... She is what she is. She doesn't pretend herself as someone else. She speaks her mind out and to her I want to say "Kuch to log kahenge... logo ka kaam hai kehna". You just do what you are doing.. be what you are and keep working!"

    Mallika: Very encouraging Sanjay! Thank you so much! You know I must say something. Everyone told me that Sanjay Leela Bhansali is this intense Guru Dutt kind of director. ..don't joke with him too much. Be very serious and Karan Johar is extremely sensitive... don't offend him.. Keep your mouth shut!

    Karan: You can offend us! We won't mind too much!

    Sanjay: We're used to not feeling like you! And it really doesn't make a difference!

    Karan: Aren't you seeking love in your life?

    Mallika: I want to seek love! Lots of love!

    Karan: Love from a man, darling! Not from the masses.

    Mallika: Am talking about love from a man, yes!

    Karan: There's never a lonely moment, you want to share?

    Mallika: There are lots of lonely moments. I am alone. I live alone in the city. Family is not here. It gets excruciating being lonely. But I have to learn to deal with it. I genuinely haven't met a man who doesn't believe that women are superior to men. The day I meet a man...

    Sanjay: But Mallika... Why should a woman be superior to a man?

    Karan: Exactly!

    Mallika: I somehow have a clinical disorder!

    Sanjay: I don't think you should suffer anymore from it because its important to know that men are women are equal! Men should not say that women are inferior and women should not think so either..

    Mallika: Are both of you'll ganging up on me?

    Sanjay: No!

    Mallika: Yes! You are ganging up on me!

    Karan: Ok, genius that you are Sanjay... Don't you think he's one, Mallika? Mallika: I think he's a genius!

    Karan: Yes he totally is a genius! And he loves you and he thinks you're fabulous! So how come you never thought of casting Mallika, Sanjay?

    Sanjay: Uh! It all depends on the role. You don't cast because you find Mallika Sherawat fabulous! You have to write a script... I write a script... and if I think Mallika Sherawat fits in then I'll call.

    Karan: Ok! You think you get that a lot, Mallika. People think you are sexy and saucy but you never get considered by the A list directors? You think that happens? Mallika: I did a Pyaar Ke Side Effects where you, yourself mentioned that I've stepped into good acting and good cinema but I would also believe that a lot depends on the script and the kind of script a film-maker is writing and if I fit into that script. For example, I believe that I couldn't fit into Aishwarya Rai's role in Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam at all. I think I was a complete misfit for that. It all depends on the script and the role and I'm sure if they think that she fits the bill, they will come to me!

    Karan: You think she wouldn't have fitted into that kind of role?

    Sanjay: No!

    Karan: You don't think so.. What kind of role?

    Sanjay: We all have our genres. Like I can't make an action film and I cannot make a comedy...

    Karan: I can't either!

    Sanjay: So we have our genres... our own limitations and so does she and so does Aishwarya, so does Rani! We all have our own slots and we fit in them. Sometimes magically we fit into the right slots. Murder for example was the right film for her and became a big hit! Pyar Ke Side Effects in the last year. Who is Mallika Sherawat? Does she have a godfather? Does she have anybody backing her? Promoting her? She's self-made! And it makes you feel proud of her!

    Karan: In a sense... so are you! You also didn't come from a real background in that sense.

    Sanjay: Absolutely! We need to work harder, need to be alert all the time... and that takes up all the energy... but its wonderful spending all that energy!

    Karan: Yes of course that is and your putting in all your energy in your next film with newcomers - Ranbir and Sonam.

    Sanjay: Too much energy!

    Karan: And how's that going? The experience with Sanwariyan?

    Sanjay: Absolutely beautiful. They are beautiful kids! They're new so you are as excited as much as they are and as a director I have become more alert because I need to watch every nuance, which they present. So far I've worked with the great Abhishek Bachchan or the fabulous Aishwarya and Rani, or Salman Khan or Shah Rukh Khan but these people are a total new experience. I'm watching carefully. I'm growing as a director with them. I'm enjoying it immensely. There are no date hassles. There's a new freshness on the screen. They're so beautiful to look at. I think our stars are a little jaded.

    Karan: Your finding them looking jaded these days?

    Sanjay: And post 40.. they can't.. you can't expect them to play lovers in a teenage film. It doesn't make any sense. These people bring in a lot of freshness... a lot of hope... Karan: You feel these younger kids you are launching fresh talent.. You think they'll being in energy and a new breed of talent.

    Sanjay: Absolutely! They have inherited the legacy of Raj Kapoor and Anil Kapoor! It's exciting to see the parents... when you see Neetuju and Rishiji.

    Karan: How excited they are!

    Sanjay: They're absolutely excited! There's a spark in their eyes! They're waiting!

    Karan: They've given you their babies!

    Sanjay: It's an absolute honour and I'm making this magnum opus with them and half of them feel I am crack because I am putting in so much... but I love the film.. I love them.

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