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How Bollywood is treating Minisha

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Q: Once again you do a salsa after Honey Moon Travels Pvt. Ltd. Are you comfortable with only this dance form?
A: I'm telling you our choreographer is lazy. He says Dino Morea's Holiday Tango-Salsa, Minissha Lamba's Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd Tango-Salsa is ok fine. We are just going to do that because I do not have to work hard.

Q: What went wrong with Anthony Kaun Hai?
A: It was a good film and but the problem was that it got sandwiched between two mega film: Omkara and Kabhie Na Alvida Na Kehna. It was unfortunate that we could not release the film earlier. I had great expectations from the film but it missed the audience.

Q: What would you have been if not an actress?
A: I always wanted to be a war journalist and specialize in photo journalism. I have lived in Srinagar and there the CNN crew used to come to cover all the problems there. I used to go along with them and loved it. I loved all the risk that they went through, until one day they got hurt in a bomb blast and stopped. Then I realized that this is what I wanted to do with my life. I wanted to go to such places and do the stories taking all the risk. I might look small and timid but in reality I'm extremely tough and bold. I'm extremely strong though I do not look like that.

Q: Would you like to do a challenging role like Aishwarya Rai did in Devdas?
A: I really like Aishwarya Rai and am a great fan of hers. I don't know if I would be able to portray the character as well as Aishwarya but it would be a great opportunity for me if I'm offered a strong character. No one would have played the character of Paro better than Aishwarya and I can only hope to do something like that.

Q: Your take on life?
A: I love life and the little jokes they play on you and little hits that they give. I was pretty bad at maths and I still get night mares that I have to give my maths exams but when I wake up in the morning I realize that I'm an actress now and I have complete my grads and no longer have to give maths exams. The irony of the situation is that when I was in grade 8, I won a math Olympiad competition. The only reason that I won was because it was a multiple-choice question and I ticked what ever I liked and stood second in a class, which had six sections. I had won an English novel and liked reading it. Cut to ten years down the line, here I'm doing a film on an English novel and when my mother reminded me about the book, I realized that it was Rebecca.

Q: What would you have done if you were a superwoman?
A: If I would have been a super woman than the first thing that I will do is to get a comfortable suit for myself. I would have also loved to fly. For my country, I would have got rid of bureaucracy and privatization bureaucracy since I do not support them.

Q: How has been your journey so far?
A: The journey had been pretty good so far. The industry has accepted me with open arms. See people say that I do not have any hit films under my belt, so far but I feel that it all depends on how a person looks at things. One can say that a bottle is half empty or half filled.

Q: Tell us about your future plans.
A: I'm doing a film called Kidnapped and Shourya. The film Shourya is directed by Samar Khan and actor Rahul Bose. Kidnapped has been directed by Sanjay Ghadvi.


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