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    Minissha Lamba on <i>Honeymoon Travels...</i>

    By Super Admin

    Meet the charming Minissha Lamba, whose innocent smile has had the crowds swooning! Only four films down in Bollywood, but there is no looking back for this Delhi babe. In an exclusive interview with IndiaFM, Minissha talks about her Parsi role in Reema Kagti's comic journey Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd and continues to talk on her upcoming films.

    How did Honeymoon Travels... happen?
    I got a call from Zoya Akhtar one day, and she told me that she had a film that she wanted me to listen to the script. When I went to her office, I saw Reema (Kagti). She introduced herself and told me about the film. I thought the concept was quite interesting, so I decided to take it up.

    Tell us the story of Aspi and Zara.
    In a nutshell, the story of Aspi and Zara is that they are a Parsi couple, and they have known each other for the longest time possible. They are childhood sweethearts who are married, and now they are on their honeymoon. What is the twist in their story, what exactly is their track all about, for that you will have to watch the film.

    The promos show a funny cat-n-dog scene between you and Abhay. Tell us about it.
    That scene just depicts the quirkiness of these two characters Aspi and Zara. They are so madly in love with each other and there are cute little funny moments between these characters.

    It is said that yours is the perfect couple in the film...

    Do you think a "perfect couple" can exist in real life?
    Watch the film, and we have a twist for you in the film. So you can think and decide whether a perfect couple can exist or not.

    Did you do anything special for your look in the film?
    All the stars had to sit down with the makeup and hair team. Every look for the film was designed by the costume, hair and makeup department of the film. We had such a good team with us that we just had to sit back, relax, and let them do their job. The theme is actually quirky characters that are a part of a crazy ensemble. I was made to wear a Parsi necklace. Our dressing was very colour co-ordinated. Our clothing would match the kind of canvas we represented. My hairstyle was also done in a particular way. In keeping with my character, my hair was shorter for this film. So the dressing, their style, and the way they hold their sling bag across were very much like a modern-day young Parsi couple.

    Whose is the best track in the film?
    My favourite track is Kay Kay and Raima's track. I think it is hilariously lovely. Then of course I love my track as well because we have put in a lot of hard work into it, especially as far as the rehearsals for the dance are concerned during the tango. Boman and Shabana's track is a very unique story.

    Are all the tracks interconnected somewhere?
    We all are together on a honeymoon in one bus. I would use a very wonderful term to describe the characters of the film - quirky. The tracks are interconnected in the sense that everyone is living out their stories in front of the others. The tracks are not isolated and contained to every couple. When six couples are together, the stories are bound to intertwine and involve other characters as well. And that is the beauty of the script.

    Tell us about the music of the film.
    I love the music. I think the music is perfect for the film. It is foot-tapping, and goes very well with the visualizations of the movie. It is young, it is fun and it is romantic, and it is comedic.

    Which is your favourite song from the film?
    Pyaar Ki Ek Kahani Suno, which has been picturized on me and Abhay. That is the song I have heard the most. I ended up hearing the other songs only after the film was done.

    Reema Kagti is a female director in this male dominated industry. How was it to work with her?
    It was great working with her. I see no difference as far as working with her or any male director is concerned. She knew exactly what she wanted. She was so focused about her work! With me, there is always a male-female divide at workplace. With Reema around, I didn't feel so. She is a director I could sit with; I could hug whenever I wanted. I could talk to her about anything under the sun. She was our buddy, yet when she was directing us, she was the one who knew everything. Her word was the final verdict in every case. We trusted her completely. She was just amazing on the sets to work with.

    How was it working with other couples in the film?
    It was an amazing experience. I have worked with Kay Kay before in the film Corporate. Raima has become my friend after this movie. I keep in touch with her, we hang out together, go for movies, partying and holidays. Everyone has been great. Through this film I got a chance to work with senior actors like Shabanaji and Bomanji. The first time I saw them I was scared. But they opened their arms so wide and treated us like their children. It was easy for us to warm up to each other because they were so open and loving to everyone on the sets.

    It seems like you had a lot of fun on the sets...
    Yes we did. All that fun you see on screen is real. It is not us acting at all. That is why I am saying that this is the easiest film I have shot till now.

    Reportedly Abhay had a huge crush on you and was keen for director Reema Kagti to include a kissing scene. Is it true?
    I don't want to comment on this. All I can say is that Abhay is a great guy and yes, we did get along well.

    So finally is there a kiss scene between you and Abhay considering all other couples have one?
    No, we don't have any kissing scene.

    In this film honeymooners have gone to Goa. What would be your ideal honeymoon destination?
    My ideal honeymoon destination would be Venice.

    That is one of the most romantic cities in the world...
    Yes, I hope it would be, but I would know that for sure only when I go there.

    So can we expect your honeymoon anytime soon?
    No. But maybe I will change my mind...

    Tell us about your role in Anant Mahadevan's Anamika.
    Anamika is a romantic thriller. I play the role of a young woman who has got married into a household, and suddenly she has to deal with a lot of unexpected pressures. She ends up dealing with a ghost from the past - someone who asks her who she is and what is her role in her husband's life.

    This role seems to be very different from what you are doing in Honeymoon Travels... so how easy or difficult has it been?
    It is different, yes, but I won't put a meter of easy or difficult on any role I play. A lot of team work also goes into it, with your director helping you get there. It is also about you wanting to do something different. In none of my films have I played a character that is identical to the other. Yahaan, Corporate, Anthony Kaun Hai - all of these films demanded me to play different sort of characters. In Honeymoon Travels... also I am getting a chance to play someone who has transformed from a young girl to a married woman, who realises that there are some things which she doesn't know how to deal with at all.

    Tell us about your special appearance in a song from the film Hey Baby.
    Sajid (Khan) just called me one day and told me he is doing this song with a lot of female stars, and he would like me to be a part of it. Sajid is a really sweet guy, and when he told me the concept, I went ahead with it.

    What kind of roles do you aspire to do in future?
    I would love to do a role in a period film, yes; I am longing to do a period film.

    Any role you missed out on last year?
    I think it would be the role of Aspi, which I am doing in Honeymoon Travels this year! 

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