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    Minissha speaks about the co-stars

    By Super Admin

    It takes 2 to Tango and that's exactly what Reema Kagti had in mind with Honeymoon Travels.. when it came to her Parsi couple.. IndiaFM is trying to shake a leg with One of them ..

    She is Sassy, she is naughty! She is sweet, she is pretty but do not get bewitched by her outward appearance, Minissha Lamba, petite of an actress is out there to play her role with as much of an expertise that?s accounted to an 'industry know-all'. From Yehaan to corporate, her journey hasn?t been that Rocky neither a bed of roses but Minissha has taken it all in her stride with an attitude to give her best while living the moment ..

    So guys get ready to get your hearts Crushed as IndiaFM finds that Zaara of Honeymoon Travels.. is a tough and serious cookie!

    Check out the video
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    Supposedly yours and Abhay Deol's pairing is tagged to be 'the made for each other couple in Honeymoon Travels.. what's the secret behind?
    In Honeymoon Travels I play the role of Zaara, who is a Parsi girl. She along with Abhay who is Parsi too and his name is Aaspi play this perfectly, mad in love with each other couple. They are perfectly in sink with each other, they have been in love with each other forever. Right to the fact that their clothes are coordinated, their mannerisms are coordinated which makes one wonder what is the real track? I mean they are so perfectly in love, what could possibly go wrong ? So my answer to this is you got to Wait and watch.

    Hmm.. there is this recent promo doing the rounds on television of you and Abhay getting into cute bedroom antics... any comments ??
    That was a very-very cute scene, which Reema had written. The scene was originally that he comes in and he does a little bow-wow and I do a bow-wow back. I told Reema ?You know I really don?t do the bow-wow so good. I do the meow really well.? But Reema had her doubts and wanted to stick to bow-wow as its symmetrical and it adds. I said look just listen to my meow it?s really good so lets do the meow instead. She said okay fine lets try. So Abhay does his bow-wow and I do my meow in response and you wouldn?t believe it worked out damn well and with it we had everyone in splits. I remember during the rehearsal, Abhay is practicing the bow and Reema is directing him on how to improve the pitch, how to smoothen it and all. Whilst at the same time improving my take on the meow and amongst all the serious training happening between, Reema, Abhay and myself, we have the entire unit laughing their guts out thinking what on the earth are we witnessing. So that one was hilarious.

    Grapevine has it that Abhay Deol was totally smitten by you ----carrying this huge crush... so is there anything really going on or do we smell a rat ? (Minishaa in splits) I don?t know about that you?ll have to ask Abhay. But Abhay is an extremely warm person, extremely great to get along with. Fantastic human being and we met and we hit it off from the word go. I mean he is a wonderful co-star and more importantly he is a wonderful person. Always open to ideas and always open to giving ideas, always thinking out of the box, thinking beyond the script and thinking of how to improve our characters even if you are not part of the main action. When you are at the periphery of the scene you have to understand how things are working between us, what kind of activities should we be doing et all. And in all of this Abhay is a great performer and I would love to work with him on more films.

    What was your equation with all the co-stars?
    I kind of know everyone, I know Raima very well and Kay Kay and I have had a great experience with Sandhya, shooting with Amisha and Diya and Bomanji and Shabanaji has been a fantastic journey and Honeymoon was beautiful.

    Pyar ki kahani is your song in the film?
    Yes. The song is a fusion of Indian beats and Spanish numbers like carnival, Salsa, Samba, Tango kind of thing and that?s what we have done because it is designed specifically keeping in mind that we were going to do a Tango, it wasn?t incidental but it was actually made out that way because we were to do a Tango as it was in the script and so the song was also designed accordingly and the music is by Vishal-Shekar. Great music, amazingly unconventional beats, in fact the music is crazy, it?s not at all typical to what you would see and it goes very well with the feel of the film, which is high energy zingy and chatpata.

    Whats your favorite track? Pyaar ki yeh kahani suno.

    How about the more popular Sajana ji wari wari
    I love that track as well but my track is the best but I like Saajna ji waari waari as well. Abhay and me weren?t part of that song but when I saw it on the television it was such a crazy and a lovely track and Kay Kay is just brilliant with capital letters, exclamation, underline and everything. Kay Kay is fantabulous, that?s what he is.

    Boman Irani, Shabana Azmi, Kay Kay all maestros in their field how was the experience working with them
    It was scary because these were artists whom I have grown up watching, I never thought that I would ever do a film with them and when I first met them I was scared but they are such warm human beings. They treat you like family, I remember the first 2-3 days I met Kay Kay I kept asking him that how do you act like this and how do you act like that you know trying to get into his head and thoughts and have realized he is the most relaxed actor, someone who is so comfortable in his skin, great at what he does and a wonderful human being as well, And once you are eased with your surrounding, once you are eased with the people you are working with, it brings out the best in you.

    Is the script the real hero of the film?
    I loved the script. I told Reema there and then that I am doing this film before she could even think of an alternative for my role. Actually Abhay and me were the first two people who were finalized in the film.

    Yahaan, your debut film marked your entry into Bollywood in more prominent ways than it did for others as in you were the one who was the most talked about in Yahaan. People liked you very much. And then followed Corporate, Rocky and your hosting in Star Screen Awards? suddenly you were all over the place
    I think getting to your destination is a journey in itself and that?s important. Enjoying your journey along the way, learning along the way, making routes, makings stops, speeding along, slowing down is all part of the journey called life. The important thing is to enjoy what you are doing because whatever time I have today is not going to comeback, whatever moment of phase that I was at 6 months ago is not going to comeback. So enjoy every place that you go because at the end of the day life is passing you by and we need to live in the now, enjoy what you have today and whatever is due to you tomorrow will come anyway.

    Corporate was a miniscule role... where hardly anyone noticed you. Do you think regret being a part of it?
    Corporate was the film that I wanted to be a part of because I really admired Madhur Bhandarkar?s work. I loved Page 3 and I loved Satta and the concept appealed to me. I saw my self fitting in the metamorphic sense, literally I was also the young person who was coming into bollywood and I was this person who was out there to make a difference who wanted to do well, and for someone who has come with so much positivity and idealism, the role made me think wow! I would love to reflect that but ultimately what matters at the end of the day is a film. Everyone has to do justice to there film, especially a maker he has to do justice to his film and whatever happens in the course of that is for the best of the film.

    What does Future holds for you
    I'm working on the film called Anamika and that?s directed by Ananth Mahadevan and I'm opposite Dino Morea in the film. It's a romantic mystery.

    Hmm.. can you tell us some more?
    It's a romantic mystery thriller film and we are shooting at some of the most beautiful locations in India in Bikaner in the palaces and the movie is magic. I mean this is the longest I've been a part of a film. As far as shooting days are concerned and I don't want to end. I mean we are going back to shoot a third schedule and I can?t wait to get back.

    You are also making a special appearance in a song for Sajid Khan's Hey Baby.
    Sajid (Khan) just called me one day and told me he is doing this song with a lot of female stars, and he would like me to be a part of it. Sajid is a really sweet guy, and when he told me the concept, I went ahead with it.

    What is your flavour when it comes to the genres of film
    I want to do all kind of films. I don?t want to restrict myself to a particular genre or a particular type of role. Luckily whatever roles I have done till now, everything has been different from Yehaan to Corporate, to Anthony Kaun Hai to Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd. The characters I?ve played are ? they are not completely 100% identical or the same and that?s what I would like to continue doing. Its playing different characters, different people and not to restrict myself in any way at all.

    The actresses you have grown up watching
    Madhuri Dixit, completely.

    Finally why should we watch Honeymoon?
    Why you should watch Honeymoon Travels is because its one of the sweetest, quirkiest, funniest little romantic comedies you will see, I hope and it's a film that will touch your heart and we enjoyed making it. We enjoyed, I enjoyed the film thoroughly and lets hope that you enjoy as well.

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