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Bollywood's all time outrageous songs... contd.

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'Tu tu tu… tu tu tara…' - Sameer for Bol Radha Bol

“Sometimes the music is such that regular words don't fit and music directors start humming meaningless words and sounds to make the metre in the song sound right.

Tu tu tu... was born in some such bizarre manner. We made several attempts to fit in words and to fill in the gap but kept humming tu tu tu tu… Soon it started sounding great with the tune and we decided to keep it that way!

“Even in songs like hai huku hai huku hai hai… the words were created randomly to rhyme with mera dil le jai…or even tunna tunna for that matter…these have absolutely no meaning and at the same time are very catchy too.

Remember Ole Ole… it actually means hailstones but it sounded so great that we just put it in the song and it was a super hit! It is really good fun coming up with fun lyrics once in a while."

'Humma humma' - Mehboob for Bombay

“The song was derived from its Tamil version. Rahmanji wanted a song that should have a fun sound to it. There was absolutely no logic or thought put into the word humma, which eventually became a rage.

Yeh to sirf sound se khela gaya tha... (this was just playing around with sounds). Songs like Yaee re yaaee re, they too make no sense but sounds quite nice in a song.

“Talking about humour in film songs and songs with crazy lyrics, Kishore saab is the real embodiment of humour in music. All his songs have been memorable even till today."

'Mind blowing Mahiya' - Vishal Dadlani for Cash

“We harnessed two of the most overused terms that are around these days - 'mindblowing' and 'mahiya' and churned it into a song. All the songs for Cash were supposed to be club and dance kind of songs.

The brief given to us was to have fun and that's exactly what we did. This song was completely targeted at kids. At the end of the day children are the ones who really love Bollywood songs and using popular terms makes them love it even more.

The song's quite tongue-in-cheek although it wasn't written with any parody in mind.

'Mai aayi hoon UP Bihar lootney' - Sameer for Shool

“I come from the 'UP Bihar' side of India and this song was reminiscent of the nautankis that are quite common back home.

The brief given to me was a typical UP setting with the mafia and the gana-bajana and this took me straight back to childhood memories of the same.

Sapna Awasthi's voice fit in perfectly to give the folksy touch and the way the song was picturised did full justice to the music as well as the lyrics."

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