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"I love my mom a lot" : Muzammil Ibrahim

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sallu : u like salman khan
Muzammil Ibrahim : oh i love salman. sallu bhai rocks

sallu : ibrahim i want to be a model
Muzammil Ibrahim : so whats stopping u sallu?

Sharjeel : don't u think that ur movie can do better in front of ram gopal varma ki aag?
Muzammil Ibrahim : yes, it will hopefully. but lets wait n watch

BabylOVe__ : is boost the secret f ur good looks?
Muzammil Ibrahim : yes it is ;)

rupa : hows tulip joshi as a co star?
Muzammil Ibrahim : she is good as a co star

maddy : hey where r u at present?
Muzammil Ibrahim : im in mumbai

ZZZZ DON} : is your controversy with Tulip a publicity gimic???
Muzammil Ibrahim : there are none with her

BabylOVe__ : Muzamil i think you're the best model
Muzammil Ibrahim : thank u. i think that too

Aakib : Hows the experience working with Bhatt Camp?
Muzammil Ibrahim : amazing. mr bhatt is an amazing person to learn from

maddy : and what about Dubai? any upcoming plans coming here..you r always invited here
Muzammil Ibrahim : i shop a lot in dubai. maybe i'll bang into u at the city centre

mini : hi muzamil....ur from which place
Muzammil Ibrahim : nowhere in mumbai

samiha1010 : wats the spelling of ur name? muzamiil or muzammil?
Muzammil Ibrahim : muzamil

yasmas : are you getting any offers these days
Muzammil Ibrahim : yes

Zubi : any commercial muzzu?
Muzammil Ibrahim : i am signing to endorse products now

maddy : even if it is a flop who cares?as long as muzamil is hit
Muzammil Ibrahim : thanks maddy but Dhoka will do well ;)

Layla : are u originally from kashmir?
Muzammil Ibrahim : not originally. i was born in jammu and brought up in kashmir n delhi

fix : If u come in France one day plz tell me ;)
Muzammil Ibrahim : i wld love to come to france. i've heard french girls r very pretty

shy girl : why should people watch ur movie? UsP?
Muzammil Ibrahim : if u feel responsible about what is happening in the society, i wld recommend Dhoka

harsh : have u learned any acting tips by anupam kher while shooting for dhoka
Muzammil Ibrahim : yes harsh, it was a learning experience just watching him acting

sweetpie : do u think u can be in the list of the top actors in bollywood lets say 10yrs frm now?
Muzammil Ibrahim : lets see

imkool : muzamil u were from kashmir
Muzammil Ibrahim : im brought up in kashmir. im a punjabi speaking guy, its my mother tongue

shy girl : Tell us about the music in the film?
Muzammil Ibrahim : i love the music, its done by MM Kreem. my fav song is by him, "awarapan banjarapan"

Priya : I think you are good looking and talented, pls keep away from controversies
Muzammil Ibrahim : thank u priya. even i try to keep away frm controversies

sallu : what's ur views about salman khan who introduce body building in film industry
Muzammil Ibrahim : he is my idol when it comes to body building

shayan : what is the role of raj from zee cinestars in dhoka?
Muzammil Ibrahim : he is playin a very important role of my friend

samiha1010 : wats ur favorite movie?
Muzammil Ibrahim : city of god is my fav film

BabylOVe__ : I have heard you have lost weight...
Muzammil Ibrahim : yea. during the process of filming i did. it was a requirement of my character

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