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"I love my mom a lot" : Muzammil Ibrahim... Contd.

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Sanchita : Happy Belated Birthday how did u spend ur day?
Muzammil Ibrahim : thank u so much sanchita. i didnt get the chance to celebrate it. i was busy promoting my film in delhi

harsh : how do u feel working with a lady director
Muzammil Ibrahim : its always a learning experience

shy girl : What was your reaction when you heard the script of Dhoka
Muzammil Ibrahim : it was still being written when i met mr bhatt. i was excited v

Priya : MUZAMMIL IBRAHIM....What do your friends call you
Muzammil Ibrahim : muzzi or muzzu

shy girl : Any memorable incident during the shooting of Dhoka?
Muzammil Ibrahim : yep, everyday is memorable

Priya : You look quite tall...What is your height?
Muzammil Ibrahim : 6 ft

BabylOVe__ : wld you like to wrk rakhi sawant again
Muzammil Ibrahim : babylove, r u rakhi sawant??

shy girl : hey my lil bro praveen is diehard fan f urs he is crying...pls say hi to him
Muzammil Ibrahim : Hi Praveen, dont cry. I love u

Mahi : if ur film is hit wld u like to give sme credit to VIraj Adhav?
Muzammil Ibrahim : of course yes. i was skeptical but his voice suits me

shy girl : Wich film of 2007 till now did u liked?
Muzammil Ibrahim : chak de india

Sanchita : muzamil i think u should sign up fr a facebook account that way we can all keep in touch wid u.. on facebook.com there is a group jus fr all ur fans and we post all ur pic and latest video n news
Muzammil Ibrahim : im aware of that... im launching my personal website very soon. it shld be up within a months time

Ishara : if not a model what would you wanted to be?
Muzammil Ibrahim : i wld've been mechanical engineer. i was in the first yr when i was spotted by mrs. wadia

shy girl : Any advise youi would like to give people who want to become a model?
Muzammil Ibrahim : just be honest with urself.

sallu : i dont know how to enter in this world
Muzammil Ibrahim : which world sallu?

haseeb france : do u hav any contract with Vishesh films? wl u b there in their forthcomng film?
Muzammil Ibrahim : vishesh films has offered me their next. we r still working on it

hash : are u proud of ur abs?
Muzammil Ibrahim : r u proud of mine?

samiha1010 : arranged marriage or love marriage for u?
Muzammil Ibrahim : love marriage arranged by my parents

Ishara : what is your favorite dish?
Muzammil Ibrahim : i like wazwaan. its a kashmiri cuisine

fix : What do u think about Indiafm website ?
Muzammil Ibrahim : i think its a very reliable website

abhishaque : n which is the genre of movies u'll like to do most.. hey i think u'll go gr8 in action.. esp. in hollywood kind of action movies
Muzammil Ibrahim : i think that too abhishaque

Suleman : Sir, Your Sun Sign
Muzammil Ibrahim : im a cusp between leo n a virgo

Sanchita : can u dance?
Muzammil Ibrahim : yes i can

crazy for u : n where can v bump into u in mumbai
Muzammil Ibrahim : i chill in bandra sometimes

sagar : why did u drop m from ur name?
Muzammil Ibrahim : it was always muzamil. ppl spelt it incorrectly before

fix : hav u got brothers or sisters ??
Muzammil Ibrahim : i hv three siblings. two sisters and an elder brother

mannu : u no english, hindi n...wat other languages..coz j&k has lots of languages
Muzammil Ibrahim : i know punjabi as it is my mother tongue. n little bit of kashmiri

shy girl : Are u friends with someone of the film fortunety?
Muzammil Ibrahim : yes, lot of them

Ishara : wre you at any point thinking like the character in dhoka
Muzammil Ibrahim : the character of Dhoka tailor written on me by mr bhatt. so lot of my characteristics were brought into the character i was playing.

Ishara : Yashraj films/ Red Chillies/ Dharma productions, with which productions house would you like to work?
Muzammil Ibrahim : all of them for me ishara bye all. thank for logging in to chat with me. it was pleasure speaking with all u guys. i need ur support for my upcoming film. thank u.

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